12 Super Foods that are Weight Loss-Friendly


Diet – it’s a four-letter word that may scare the heck of us food lovers. But, who doesn’t love to eat anyway?

It is important to note though that being on a diet means you deprive yourself of the important nutrients that your body needs. In many ways, diet is about choosing the right food and eating them in the right amount.

Want to know which superfoods should be added in your diet to help you achieve your weight loss goal? Read on to know about the top 12 best foods that are weight loss-friendly.

  1. Lentils

Lentils belong to the legume family and is packed with nutrients. They are high in protein which makes them a good alternative for meat. They are good source of iron, magnesium and dietary fiber which can support your weight loss. You can enjoy lentils as an addition to cold salads or to a warm soup.

  1. Grapefruit

Considered one of the most nutritious foods, grapefruits are packed with nutritional content, from Vitamins A, C, B1, Potassium and biotin. It also has high dietary fiber content.

  1. Almonds

High in protein, almonds are excellent snacks to eat prior to workouts. They are also rich in fiber to keep you full as well as the essential fatty acids for a healthy heart.

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus contain soluble fibers that can easily fill you up and help suppress appetite. It is also a good source of vitamins A, C, E, Potassium, Zinc and B complex.

  1. Oatmeal

Oats are low in calories yet big in nutritional content. Eating oatmeal can help reduce your risks for heart diseases. They are excellent source of protein, potassium, zinc and most special the dietary fiber.

  1. Wild Salmon

Here’s to the food for your heart. Salmons are high in omega fats that’s good for your heart. They are also a good source of protein which is great for someone on a diet.

  1. Whole Eggs

Eating whole eggs can easily fill you up and help you consume lesser calories throughout the day. Eggs are also great source of protein, lutein, iron and calcium. Isn’t it egg-citing?

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are high in lycopene which is good for the heart. It is also loaded with antioxidants for a healthier skin. Want more? Tomatoes are high in dietary fiber to fill you up and reduce your appetite.

  1. Carrots

You can eat them cooked or raw, a carrot is a powerhouse food. It is a terrific source of Vitamin A that’s good for your eyesight. It also helps maintain a good level of cholesterol and eliminate water retention.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is a low-calorie food which is high in essential fatty acids important for heart health and helps lower bad cholesterol. Avocado is a perfect hunger-squasher and will therefore help reduce your appetite too.

  1. Cinnamon

This staple spice in the kitchen not only makes food more palatable, cinnamon is also beneficial for your health. It can help lower bad cholesterol and assist in controlling blood sugar because of its polyphenol content.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

This starchy food is a healthy source of carbohydrates. It is high in fiber which makes it excellent in aiding weight loss. Apart from that, sweet potatoes are amazing source of vitamins A, C, B2 and B6 as well as copper, manganese and phosporous.