2018’s Best and Funniest Celebrations in Sports

Celebrations are commonplace in many sports all around the world. American Football for instance has celebrations that compensate the effort used to make that single score. Basketball and Baseball on the other hand have celebrations that have gone to make most of the funniest vines we see today. Furthermore, group celebrations are now becoming popular following the relaxation of celebration rules by NFL. Here is a compilation of the funniest celebrations that took place in 2018.

2018’s Best and Funniest Celebrations in Sports

Allen Iverson’s Stepover

Tyler Lockett being a star in NBA decided to increase his popularity when he skillfully and cunningly dribbled the ball past David Moore and embarrassingly sent him sprawling on the floor. As if that was not enough, he managed to make a perfect three-pointer after which he stepped over his unlucky opponent. This was an exact recreation of what Allan Iverson had done to his opponent Tyronn Lue in the Basketball history.

Bowling Pins

Tajae Sharpe scored an amazing touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles to give the Tennessee Titans the long awaited lead. With this, Tajae became so motivated and went ahead to line up his teammates like bowling pins before gliding the football toward them and knocking them down. Luck was really on his side that day as he managed to get the strike after his mysterious touchdown.

Pitcher Hit the Batter

This is yet another recreation of a past famous celebration. In this case, Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin successfully staged the famous fight of Nolan Ryan versus Robin Ventura when the batter was hit by the ball. The Seahawks receivers were really in good form, they went further to showcase the mock brawl that sent the fans wild shouting on top of their voices. They could not hold back their awe when Lockett laid the ‘knockout’ blow to one of his teammates in a way that seemed so real. It was such a spectacular site that would be memorable for a long time.

The Fusion Dance

The fusion dance is well known from the famous Dragon Ball Z animated adventure. The film shows how two strong fighters unite in a fusion dance in order to become stronger than they would have been individually. Darren Fells and his teammate David Njoku recreated the fusion dance after securing a touchdown for the Cleveland Browns in a heated-up match against Oakland Raiders.

The Turning Cameraman

Kansas City Chief Tyreek Hill’s quarter back was able to pick him up when he was completely in a siege of tree Arizona Cardinals. The fans went wild on the pitch and it was at this moment that Hill made a quick run to capture the referee throwing his flag because of bad sportsmanship using the CBS TV camera that was nearby.

2018’s Best and Funniest Celebrations in Sports

Mc Gregor’s walk

Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott performed Mc Gregor’s strutting in the field but this time in a joking way that the fans in the field applauded heavily. These and many other celebrations in one way or another reduce the tension on the game and they should be something to embrace.