Advantages Using Lentil on a Daily Basis


Certain kinds of foods have found to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and also some life threatening diseases like stroke, cancer and heart attacks. After some research the benefits of including certain foods in the diet has been established. Hence these foods tend to be called superfoods though it cannot be called an official definition.

Today most of the foods that we buy in the market are usually grown in the soil that is mineral depleted. So such food lacks the essential minerals needed for the proper growth and development of our body. Mineral rich and vitamin rich food keeps us healthy and also helps prevent the infections of some deadly diseases as well.

Hence in this age it has become really necessary to include certain foods so that we get all the necessary nutrients for our body’s growth and wellbeing. This is where the superfoods step in. these kinds of foods have almost all the nutrients that we need for better growth and health for our body.

Several foods can be included in a listing of these superfoods. One such that finds place in it is lentils.

Lentils are found to have several health benefits. One of the reasons is that it has soluble fiber which is really necessary for the regulation of digestion. So including lentils in your diet daily you get several benefits as it aids digestion. Most of the disorders of the human body are related to improper digestion. So when you include the nutrients that aid in digestion the chances of getting these disorders is reduced to a great extent. Especially the vegetarians need to take in more of lentils as they can be short of proteins which are usually found in lean meat.

With the inclusion of lentils you can have certain benefits like

★ You can see reduction in the risk of heart diseases. This is due to the fact that lentils are rich in foliate and magnesium. Also they come packed with a lot of soluble fiber. Including these in the diet keeps your heart healthy and in turn you stay healthy too.
★ It will help in lowering of the cholesterol level. It has a lot of soluble fiber and this will aid in the lowering of bad cholesterol that is really needed for the healthy growth of the body.
★ It will aid in the stabilization of blood sugar levels because the soluble fiber will aid in trapping the carbohydrates. This will slow down digestion which in turn stabilizes the blood sugar level. The diabetics can benefit a lot with the intake of lentils.
★ Your body gets a high dose of lean proteins which assists in having increased energy. This happens because it has soluble fiber and also complex carbohydrates. Lentils are rich in iron and this helps in the transportation of oxygen which is vital for metabolism and energy production.
★ Being low calorie and high in nutrition lentils can help in maintaining the body weight and also aid in weight loss. The lentils virtually contain no fat or are very low in the fat content. Its intake will not increase the fat content in your body. It is low in calorie yet eating a cup of lentils keeps you satisfied and will also leave you feeling full.

So are these reasons not enough for you to include lentils in your food.