The Most Jaw-Dropping Instagram Photos Of Aly Raisman



Two for one

What could be better than one great photo of Aly Raisman? Two, of course. Gymnastics isn’t all about twirling around the floor and showing off your moves to the judges. No, the sport also comes with a host of glitzy costumes with makeup to match, and here we get a chance to see the gymnast after getting fully prepared to take on the competition. Aly looks set to brighten up the floor with her gold and blue combo – the perfect summer set.

Aly Raisman with her eyes shut smiling, and Aly Raisman looking at the camera showing off her gold and blue eyeshadow

Very cherry

So what’s Aly’s secret to staying so healthy? It seems as though the key could lay in a glass of cherry juice. Perhaps if we drink enough, we might get to be just like her, too? It’s time to find out as we’re about to stock up on the juice for ourselves. While we’re busy drinking our body weight in cherries, Aly is keeping things cool in her sundress as she chills out with a glass of the cold stuff in hand. Perfect.

Aly Raisman wearing a pink, yellow, and white sundress sitting on a kitchen counter drinking a glass of cherry juice

Subtle foot pop

Sometimes, it’s all about the pose when it comes to taking that winning photo. While we’re over here still trying to find our best angle, Aly is rocking the sidewalk with a subtle foot pop. Yup, that’s all she needs to take her photo from drab to glam. Plus, we get the chance to see one of Aly’s outfits when she’s not at a competition. A gray skirt, white shirt, and skyscraper heels are all it takes to look ready to rock.

Hello there

Upside down, back to front, topsy-turvy – no matter which angle Aly Raisman uses, she still knows how to look good. Here, the gymnast shows us how she doesn’t need any fancy outfits or filters to make her Instagram the talk of the internet. In fact, Aly keeps it simple with her hair hanging out her face as she shows off her nude-colored top. Is that another bottle of cherry juice we spy there, too? Aly really can’t get enough!

Aly Raisman laying upside down on a bed with her hair hanging down the side, and a bottle of drink on her chest

Ready for the town

Aly Raisman isn’t just a superstar in her sport; she is also fighting for justice. The gymnast uploaded this snap after McKayla Maroney, a fellow gymnast, began to shame Aly for wearing “inappropriate” outfits. Rather than hiding from the internet, Aly came back with this photo that showed us just why we fell in love with her in the first place. She is a strong, confident woman who won’t let any comments hold her back – you go, girl!

A casual glance

Even looking off to the side, Aly Raisman can win at her Instagram photos. We’ve had the mirror selfies, we’ve had the duck faces, and now it’s time for the no-look photo to shine through. Why look as though you are making an effort when you can upload a snap that looks so effortless yet so brilliant at the same time? It’s perfect. Plus, the new pose compliments her messy hair and tank top look with ease.

Aly Raisman with her hair tied in a ponytail while wearing a light pink frilled tank top looking off to the side

Strike a pose

Ah, we finally have the classic mirror selfie! It’s an oldie, but a goodie as Aly shows us how she’s learned to nail the art of snapping her whole outfit. It seems as though the gymnast is done with training for the day as she prepares to hit the town in her sheer tank top. After all, you can’t have all work and no play can you? Don’t worry, Aly won’t be catching a chill thanks to her fuschia pink jacket.

Aly Raisman taking a selfie in the mirror as she wears a sheer crop tank top with a fuschia pink coat

Messy hair, don’t care

Aly keeps herself busy with an intense training schedule. Although her routines look almost perfect – and have even won her multiple gold medals – it seems as though this gymnast is always striving to improve. However, in between all those trips to the gym, Aly also finds time to squeeze in a hectic modeling career. Here, we get to see behind the scenes at one of her shoots as she shows off a denim jacket and messy ponytail combo.

Aly Raisman wearing a denim jacket with her hair tied back in a messy ponytail while she looks to one side

Behind the scenes

Sure, Aly might be used to prancing around the floor in leotards, but it’s not often we get the chance to see her dressed and ready for the after party. Thankfully, the gymnast thought she would give us a behind the scenes glance at her preparing herself for the big night, and we’re so glad we didn’t miss the invite. Although we would have loved to see what the rest of her outfit looked like. C’mon Aly, don’t leave us hanging.

Aly Raisman taking a selfie in a sheer lace white dress with her head tilted to one side as she gets ready for a night out

Time to chill

Of course, Aly lives a pretty hectic life with all those training sessions and high-class parties. How does she have any time left to chill out? Thankfully, Aly knows the importance of getting some time to relax. There’s no better way to unwind than a dip in the hot tub, and, thanks to this snap, we can join the gymnast amongst the bubbles as she settles down for a night of Aly time, gym clothes and all.

Aly Raisman wearing a purple Reebok top with green shorts while relaxing in a hot tub at night

Award-winning style

We knew Aly Raisman was a fashionista, but we would never have guessed that it won her an award! Of course, by the looks of it, the gymnast has just accepted a trophy for her gymnastics, but you never know. Aly uploaded this snap to Instagram with a long post about spending less time on our phones and getting out into the world. We love her message, but if weren’t on Instagram, we never would have seen this photo.

Steal the red carpet

Aly is quickly getting used to a life in the limelight. It seems as though once you climb to the top of the Olympics, you get invited to all kinds of events, including the Golden Globes. Hopefully, all that practice at the top of the winner’s podium meant the gymnast knew how to handle the crowd. We know she would have been a huge hit on the red carpet thanks to her simple coral number. So effortless yet so breathtaking.

Aly Raisman dressed in a coral color off the shoulder dress with her hair curled to one side before going to the Golden Globes

Balancing act

Okay, this is just showing off now. We know Aly is ace at balancing thanks to her epic gymnastics moves, and now she is using her strengths for this Instagram snap. She might be wearing zebra striped socks, but Aly is going all flamingo with her one-legged pose. It seems as though the gymnast is getting ready to head out to yet another training session judging by her outfit. There’s no time to rest if you want to keep your top spot.

Aly Raisman wearing a gym top and short with zebra print socks while standing on one leg at the top of the stairs

Going retro

We love anything that brings our childhood back to life. Apparently, so does Aly. The gymnast was born in 1994 meaning she got the joy of growing up with the Powerpuff Girls, and thought she would honor the heroes with her swimsuit. Where did she get it from and how do we get one?! As if that wasn’t enough, Aly has opted for some retro shorts to complete her entire outfit. She sure seems ready to hit the poolside.

Aly Raisman with her hands on her hips wearing a Powerpuff Girls swimsuit with a pair of pink and blue denim shorts

Red carpet ready

Where could Aly Raisman be going? The red carpet? Another awards party? A night on the town? Nope, she’s eating pizza with her best friend in the comfort of her home.  It’s just another way Aly can light up the room. Don’t even get us started on her chilled out pose – it seems she can rock any look. She shows that she is indeed a hard worker, but she also knows to take a break and enjoy some nice carbs.

Over the shoulder

You spend all day rocking a leotard, and now you need to get ready to steal your night out. How do you combine the two? With this winning outfit, of course. Sequins and glam are just another part of Aly’s everyday life, and this outfit proves how she knows what looks good. It seems as though the gymnast needed some help to capture this over the shoulder shot, but all the work was definitely worth it.

Aly Raisman wearing a gold zebra stripe dress while she is looking over her shoulder smiling at the camera

Delicate dress choice

Believe it or not, but you are looking at the same Aly Raisman. This snap goes to prove how the anyone’s outfit can have a massive effect on how they look. Rather than sweaty gym clothes or red carpet looks, Aly has given us a chance to see her everyday style instead. Apparently, it consists of floaty dresses and strappy heels. Looks like a winning combination to us. Even if her sports poster in the background reminds us of her usual style.

Aly Raisman wearing a red and white floaty dress with high heels while sitting on an armchair in a dressing room

Pre-competition snap

Sparkly leotard? Check. Prepped makeup? Check. Tight ponytail? Check. It seems as though Aly is all dressed and prepared, and that can only mean one thing – she is about to hit the gymnastics floor! It looks like they had to get ready in an office judging by the hair curlers on the table and the wires on the floor, but nothing is too much to throw this star off her game. We’re sure that nervous look wasn’t around for long.

Aly Raisman wearing a purple and green sparkly leotard with her hair and makeup done ready for a competition

Cuddles with pooch

We love Aly Raisman, and we love dogs. What could be better than having both of these in one photo? As if we couldn’t love the gymnast anymore, we’re so excited to see she had a furry friend waiting for her when she gets home. Cuddles in bed is apparently one of Aly’s favorite ways to start the morning before a big day ahead. Although they look perfect, how could anyone tear themselves away from a lay-in with pooch?

Aly Raisman lying in bed with her white dog lying on her chest and face as they enjoy a lay in together

Back shot

Sometimes, it’s the finer details of an outfit that make it what it is. Here, Aly has found herself a gown that is all about the party in the back thanks to the cutout feature. It’s no surprise the star has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, not with photos such as this at least. Aly already brightens up the room with her shining outfit but completes it all with her signature dazzling smile. The gymnast certainly has plenty to keep her happy.

Aly Raisman wearing a sheer floral dress with cutout back with her hair pushed over one shoulder while she smiles over the other

Brand new twirls

Aly might be used to life on a balance beam, but who knew she could rock the ballet bar, too? This woman has too many talents, and we need to learn her secret at how to ace them all. There must be a trick to it. The gymnast looks at home in her new leotard and has even swapped out her ponytail for a ballerina bun instead. It takes some getting used to, but we can see Aly tearing up the dancefloor already.

Aly Raisman posing in a ballerina’s outfit and Aly Raisman with her hands on her hips in a ballerina's leotard

Smooches all around

All her work for gymnastics means Aly often gets approached by sports brands to model their latest clothes. And who could blame them? We would love one of America’s top gymnasts showcasing our range, too. At first look, it seems as though Aly has kept her outfit plain and simple with black clothes and white sneakers. However, the gymnast has brightened it all up with a metallic coat to keep away the chill. Still not enough? Aly has grabbed her four-legged friend for the snap.

Aly Raisman wearing sportswear and a silver jacket while giving her dog a cuddle and a kiss

Believe in yourself

It’s not just us that is totally in love with this snap, more than 130,000 people on Instagram agree with us! Aly is known for sharing her beliefs and seeing the good that lies within people. So the gymnast thought there was no better way to spread her thoughts than with a graphic t-shirt. Yes, girl. We should always speak our truth, no matter what other people think. Where do we get ourselves one of these tops?

Aly Raisman with her hands on her hips wearing a black t-shirt that says “always speak your truth” in gold writing

Sisterly love

There is more than one Raisman in this world, and here she is: Chloe Raisman, Aly’s sister. While Chloe chooses horses over gymnastics, she is always there for her sister – especially when she comes with an invite to the biggest events of Hollywood. Aly uploaded this snap of the pair at the beach as they headed out to celebrate Chloe’s birthday. Aww, it seems Aly still manages to find time to be the perfect big sis in her life, too.

Black and white photo of Aly Raisman wearing a white bikini at the beach with her sister, Chloe Raisman

Friends with the greats

So, you’re at the top of your sport and have taken home a huge number of medals, including several Olympic golds. Is there anyway life can get better? Of course there is, and Aly is here to show us what it takes. Not only did the gymnast have the opportunity to meet the legendary pop icon Justin Timberlake after one of his shows, but she also got to squeeze in between the star and his new love, Hollywood legend Jessica Biel.

Black and white photo of Aly Raisman posing in between Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake after one of his concerts

Bed hair

We might spend hundreds of hours on social media, but what about if we put down our phones and took some time to do nothing at all? After snapping this quick selfie, Aly uploaded the photo to Instagram where she reminded everyone of the importance of taking some time to yourself. That’s not all. The gymnast also wanted to share how important it is to make sure you get a full night’s sleep if you’re going to stay at the top of your game.

Aly Raisman with bed hair as she poses for a selfie in bed talking about how important it is to rest on your days off

Shade of the trees

Sure, leotards and swimsuits might have similar designs, but that doesn’t mean if you can rock one that you’re guaranteed to look good in the other. That is unless you’re Aly. The gymnast is a pro at modeling thanks to all her deals over the years. So when she was approached by Aerie to appear as one of their swimsuit models, Aly jumped at the chance. Not many of us could pull off all-white, but this star looks right at home.

Aly Raisman posing underneath a palm tree on the beach in a white swimsuit for a photo shoot with Aerie

Feeling fierce

Okay, we give up – Aly Raisman really can do everything! Olympic medals move over as it’s time for the New York Times Best Seller list to take center stage. The gymnast released her book back at the end of 2017, but it’s still one of the most talked about autobiographies this year. However, the book covers more than just her life as a gymnast. Fierce also covers how being an athlete affected her childhood and growing up in the public spotlight.

Aly Raisman holding a copy of her New York Times Best Selling autobiography titled Fierce

Fun in the winter sun

Aly wasn’t ready to wave goodbye to summer in December when she uploaded this snap. Wait, haven’t we seen that Powerpuff number before? We knew it! It seems as though the swimsuit is a favorite of the gymnast and we can’t blame her for wanting to bring the ‘90s and ‘00s back to life. They were the best decades, right? Aly finishes off her outfit with a pair of pastel shades before sitting back and soaking up the sunshine.

Aly Raisman wearing green sunglasses and a Powerpuff Girls swimsuit while taking a selfie in the sun on a sunlounger

Keep it casual

This gymnast doesn’t need anything fancy to steal the snap. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a simple background and thoughtful look to bring a photo to life – something Aly Raisman can pull off better than anyone. It wasn’t just this photo that got us excited. The athlete used the upload as a chance to announce she was at a Reebok store opening for a meet and greet. Hopefully, we’ll get to the front of the line next time.

Aly Raisman wearing black running trousers, a blue running top, and gray sneakers sat on the sidewalk next to a garage door