Broccoli – Valuable Source of Nutrients


You have some kinds of foods that are nutrient packed and including them in your diet helps you to feel energetic, fight diseases and also lose weight. These are commonly referred to as superfoods.

You can name plenty of such foods that can find a place in this category of superfoods. One of them is broccoli. It is basically classified as a vegetable and it can be eaten raw and also cooked to make some tasty dishes. The important thing is you need to incorporate dishes made with this food item in your menu often.

This will give you the maximum benefits of eating this superfood broccoli. Then what is so special about this food that you can call it as a superfood.

Jam-packed with some essential vitamins and minerals the intake of this vegetable helps you resist diseases and also revitalizes the body. Let us delve deeply into the different kinds of advantages of including this superfood broccoli in your diet.

➢ Cancer prevention-estrogen is classified as a cancer causing agent especially breast and uterus cancer. Broccoli has estrogen depleting property and hence consuming it helps prevent cancer.
➢ Cholesterol reduction- foods containing soluble fiber helps draw the cholesterol out of your body. Broccoli contains a lot of such soluble fiber so including it in the diet often can help reduce your cholesterol and keep it in check.
➢ Anti-inflammatory- presence of omega 3 fatty acids helps in reducing inflammation. Broccoli is filled with a lot of this nutrient so include it in your diet to avail its benefit.

➢ Anti-allergen- it is always good to add food items containing anti allergens. This way you will be protected from contacting some allergies which are generally a nuisance. Broccoli is one such vegetable that has this property.
➢ Powerful antioxidant- antioxidants are very helpful in keeping the overall health of your body. Vitamin C, beta carotene, flavonoids are some of the antioxidant agents. Broccoli is full of these nutrients.
➢ Diet aid- being high on fiber and having a good concentration of carbohydrates it helps in digestion and helps maintain low sugar level. Eating it as a salad is a good way of getting the full benefit of this vegetable.
➢ Detoxifying agent- toxins in the body are one of the causes of disorders. Broccoli acts as a detoxifying agent by removing the toxins and thus maintaining the overall wellness of the body.
➢ Anti-ageing-enriched with vitamin C it helps the body to fight free radicals which are the cause of ageing.
➢ Skin care- glowing skin is a sign of good health. Being rich in minerals like copper and zinc it helps maintain the health of the skin. Folates and vitamins in it also add to keep the natural glow of the skin.
➢ Eye care- being full of rich nutrients like phosphorus, vitamins A, B complex, C and E which are great for the eye health it helps in protecting your eyes against muscular degeneration and cataract. Damage done by the harmful radiation is also repaired with the help of the presence of these nutrients.
➢ Heart health- containing different kinds of vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients that help keep the heart and arteries healthy it is good to add it to your daily diet.
➢ Bone health- with high levels of vitamin K and Calcium in broccoli it is good for the health of bones.

With so many nutrients in one vegetable don’t you think it is prudent to have it in your daily diet in some way or the other?