10 Classic Coffee Drinks That Are to Die For


Everyone loves the getting up in the morning for one thing, a hot and streamy cup of coffee. This classic hot beverage has been around the for years and ever since people have learnt how to make it, they have been changing the game with the new fantastic flavors and styles of coffee. No offense to our coffee lovers that love it fresh out the pot with no sweeter or creamer. There are many flavors for other coffee lovers to choose from. Below the 10 top ten flavors coffee flavors will be listed.

French Vanilla

This classic coffee flavor is on the top of the list because it is the most asked for flavor when people are ordering a cup of coffee. This flavor has everything you could possibly ask for in just a small cup. Vanilla is a very bold flavor and it can easily be added to any other kind of coffee.


An Americano is simply made with water and espresso powder, but this drink is loved by many. This is classified as a rush of energy after drinking this down to an empty glass. Many love the flavor because it is simple and straight from the pot.


An cup of pure espresso is loved by those that want a boost. Just like the lovers of an americano, this cup of coffee give that boost of energy for the busy coffee lover. This kind of coffee is made by steaming the beans with water and can be served in a full glass or a shot.


Everyone loves a latte. Anything can be adding this cup to enhance the intense flavor.this beverage is made with steamed milk, espresso and milk foam. Extra ingredients like caramel, vanilla, white chocolate and cinnamon can be added.)

Pumpkin Spice

During the fall season. This classic cup of coffee is always sold out. It normally reminds the average consumer that the best holidays are coming and the end of the year is on its way. The coffee attract people just by the name and smell of it. Having a cup of this will make your heart smile.


This is another classic cup. This is a prefect blend of roasted hazelnuts to make the best  cup of coffee.

Caramel Macchiato

Another steam milk, espresso and caramel drink that the coffee lovers are killing. This sweet and loving beverage give you that unique flavor of sweetness and bitterness all at the same time. Caramel has snuck its way into the coffee game and has made a permanent stop. This ingredient is in the top 5 of ingredients added to coffee.

Chai Latte

Chai has found a new home in the coffee world and the consumers are loving it. This is known as a healthier version of drinking coffee and people around the world are always asking for more. Chai has such great benefits, but now the people are really craving in for the hot beverage in the morning. They want it more in their everyday life. The ingredients for this cup of coffee are simple. Just half and half steamed, with chai powder and a few drops of vanilla.

Red Eye

This a just a classic hot shot glass of espresso and a little bit of regular coffee.


This coffee is another loved style by the hot beverage drinkers. This cup of Joe is made by mixing espresso with steamed half and half and topped off with milk foam for a classier look.