Components of Physical Fitness


Although many of us would like to see clear results of our progress, having toned abs and visible biceps does not always mean that we are actually reaching physical improvement through our fitness. This guide will provide you with five different components of physical fitness to look out for and take into account for when you work out. By doing this, you will not only enhance your body at a superficial level, but ensure that you, your body and mind are the peak of their health.

Body Composition

Body composition refers to the ration of fat to muscle in your body. A healthy body would indicate a body composition of minimum fat and maximum mass (or muscle). In more specific terms, a fit body would be composed of 25% body fat, and 75% of body mass. One reason why you want to have a good fat to muscle ratio, is simply because it is the easiest method for you to detect what your body needs in terms of exercise and diet in order to reach the healthiest levels as possible.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Your cardiovascular system is responsible for all blood vessels, lungs and heart. Exercise like running, jogging and cycling are all possible to do if you have a healthy cardiovascular system.  It is essential to take care of anything cardiovascular, because it is also in charge of providing oxygen to the muscles, while energizing your body and making you overall more functional. It is especially important to practice cardiovascular endurance in order to avoid any cardiovascular diseases or illnesses as we grow older and avoid gaining weight.


This could be one of the most overlooked components in the pursuit of a healthier physical fitness. By practicing flexibility skills, you will be able to increase any risks of injury because your muscles will be much more mobile and resistant. By being flexible, your joints will require less energy, allowing you to attain a much wider range of motion. Some exercises you can do to develop your flexibility, is to take yoga, Pilates and stretch classes.

Muscular Strength

Increasing your muscular strength will provide you the ability to carry and life heavy object. These could include moving boxes, heavy doors, and grocery shopping bags. Besides, you never know when you may need your muscles to get out of a heavy situation! Without being strong at a muscular level, your body risks being weak and gradually become unable to keep up with many daily activities. In the long run, having muscular strength can lead you to live a more independent and healthy lifestyle as an older adult.

Muscular Endurance

Being strong at a muscular level is not enough to have a good level of physical fitness. Muscular Endurance means that besides having strength, you are able to hold long periods of muscular contractions. Lifting or carrying heavier objects lead to longer exercise time, but lifting lighter objects (or weights) will equip your muscle fibers with the necessary skills to create muscular endurance.

Overall, here are the top five components of physical fitness that one must not forget to work on. By prioritizing on these components, it is likely that you will create the body that you want for yourself as a by-product. Not only that, but by focusing on these often underestimated and overlooked elements, you will be guaranteed a much healthier and vital life in the far future. These will also ensure to reduce the chances of encountering or diminishing the symptoms of illnesses that have become very common such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis to name a few.