Diving Into The 5:2 Diet: How It Works

“Intermittent fasting is the current rage. It allows you to your heart out as long as you will avoid eating for several hours. In spite its effectives, it did not stop others from creating a different version of it.


The 5:2 diet is an intermittent fasting diet that was made popular by Michael Mosley. A journalist, so whether you trust him or not, is all up to you.

It is called a 5:2 diet because you are allowed to have your regular diet for five days a week. However, on the remaining couple of days, you are only allowed around 500-600 calories. Luckily, there are no calorie restrictions and maybe that is why it has become the most popular kind of intermittent fasting currently.
In addition, having no calorie restrictions makes it a lifestyle. It is just a matter of when you should be eating specific kinds of food.

Diving Into The 5:2 Diet: How It Works


As explained above, this particular “spin-off” of the intermittent diet is fairly easy to follow. You eat your regular diet for five days, then, cut it down to a quarter on the remaining two days which is normally 500 calories for women and 600 for men.

In addition, it will not matter which two days are you going to pick. Experts on the diet however mention that it might be optimal to have the cut down on your calories on Monday and Thursday.

Moreover, when they say “regular” diet, you need to ensure that you are eating healthy. For example, if you binge on junk food for the five days you are allowed to be on your usual daily caloric requirement, then, you will not lose weight. Instead, you will be gaining some more, and that is counterproductive to what you are trying to do.


Research regarding the 5:2 diet is understandably little. On the other hand, the benefits that intermittent fasting in general has is remarkably been positive.

• Easier to Follow

As mentioned earlier, intermittent fasting in general is easy to follow, and it is this ease that it makes it easier for those who follow it to sustain and encourages them to continue.

• Helps develop healthy insulin levels and also improves the sensitivity of insulin

Other alternatives to the 5:2 diet like the 4:3 diet has shown to help reduce the incidence of asthma, seasonal allergies, heart arrythmias, and menopausal hot flashes, just to name a few.

Diving Into The 5:2 Diet: How It Works


The 5:2 diet has been seen to be very effective if done right. That is why, it is also vital not to overcompensate during your regular days after going through every fasting day. That is the most important thing to take note.

Otherwise, it might also help if you are able to regularly exercise. Most experts on the diet would say that endurance and strength training are its better companions.

Whether or not you will believe this diet designed by a journalist, it is up to you. There are many options available, but, this one needs to be strongly considered. ”