The Dukan Diet & How It Works

“Every individual who looks to lose weight wants to do so quickly. It is possible, but oftentimes difficult and even harder to maintain. Mostly, this is because the diet that you may be on is puts you in a state of hunger. This is what the Dukan diet promises – rapid, permanent weight loss without hunger.

A promise like this would make anyone who is trying to lose weight interested.

The Dukan Diet & How It Works


This diet was formulated by Dr. Pierre Dukan in the 70s. The inspiration came from an obese patient who asked for his help. The story goes that the patient promised to give up any food to lose weight, except for meat. This is the story behind the high protein and low carbohydrate diet that is renowned the world over.


The Dukan diet is split into four phases, but before that, you need to calculate the weight that you should be aiming for. This is what they call the true weight, and this is normally based on several factors such as age and your history when it comes to weight loss.

Ultimately, how long each phase is will depend on your how you are progressing as you go along each phase.

1. Attack Phase

Normally, you should stay in this stage roughly from the first to the seventh day of your diet. It is during this phase that you eat an unlimited supply of lean protein and at least one and a half tablespoons of oat bran a day.

2. Cruise Phase

This is where you spend most of your time when going through the Dukan diet. Normally, you would spend at least a year in this phase. When doing so, you will be eating lean protein one day and then, the next, you will be eating lean protein with added starchy vegetables. In all this, you will be having two tablespoons of oat bran a day.

3. Consolidation Phase

You will have unlimited amounts of lean protein and vegetables. In addition, you will be allowed some amounts of carbohydrates and fats, and the amount of oat bran you will be taking from this point on will be increased by half a tablespoon.
Recommended period for the third phase is five days for every pound that was lost during the first and second phase.

The Dukan Diet & How It Works

4. Stabilization Phase

This is where it becomes unclear. There has been no set time as to how long should an individual stay in this phase. However, it is safe to assume that one can stay here as long as possible. Take this as the maintenance phase. Maybe the only difference now is you are allowed three tablespoons of oat bran.

You can see by now that Dukan diet is a long diet to continue. Some would even consider it a lifetime. However, the biggest plus here is, you never become hungry all the while continue to lose weight. There is no better feeling rather than starving yourself without the assurance of results. Might as well be full while doing so.”