The Easiest Cleanses to Restart Your Body


Cleanses are a great way to get rid of toxins that build up in your system and restart your bodily functions so they’re working at optimal levels. The problem that most people have with cleanses is sticking to them. Many of the popular ones out there have you fasting for several days or staying away from certain food groups like carbs.

But cleanses don’t have to be so challenging or stressful. In fact, there are many cleanses out there that you can add to your daily routine to help your body out slowly. It’s good to start out with easy cleanses first and then work your way up to harder ones, like the master cleanse. We’ve listed our top 3 favorite, beginner cleanses, that you start right now!

  1. Activated Charcoal Cleanse

Activated charcoal is the best way to pull toxins out of every part of your body. It’s so powerful that hospitals even use it to help pull out poison or other harmful toxins in the body. However, it is very powerful and should only be drunk once a day, in the morning or just before bed. This is because it literally cleanses your body of everything, even the good nutrients. Taking it in the morning will help flush out your system from everything the day before and get your body ready for the day. If you take it a night, it should be done several hours after dinner so your body has time to absorb the vitamins and nutrients from the meal before its flushed.

To take it, you simply mix 1/2 teaspoon into a glass of clean water. Make sure it dissolves completely, you’ll probably have to stir it multiple times while drinking. Doing this daily doesn’t mean that you can eat what ever you want and be ok. You should try to refrain from consuming highly processed foods or foods with lots of oil and grease. This will ensure that the cleanse is working properly and actually detoxifying your body deeply.

  1. Lemon Cleanse

Lemon has always been known as a healthy food. It’s vitamins, antioxidants and acidity are wonderful for jump starting your body, speeding up metabolism and detoxing. Drinking a glass of it in the morning and at night, daily is a sure way to clean out your toxins and also help with digestion and weight loss.

You can also mix it with other ingredients like cinnamon or cayenne to help suppress appetite and cut through fat buildup in your body. People that drink lemon water regularly and even throughout the day report feeling lighter, having less cravings and more energy than those who drink regular or no water.

Aside from weight loss and detoxing, lemon water is also good for the skin. It helps reduce blemishes, wrinkles and stops acne. The vitamin C works to help improve collagen production and firm up the skin which is fantastic for reducing aging signs as well as keeping skin tight during weight loss.

  1. Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanse are probably the most popular cleanses today because they are tasty easier to maintain. To do a juice cleanse you must have a juicer, as a blender isn’t able to extract the nutrients in quite the same way. When juicing it’s important to drink a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to gain the outmost nutrition. Juice cleanses can be done fully, where you only drink juiced ingredients for several weeks, or halfway, where you mix whole foods with juices during the day. As a beginner you should start out halfway by substituting some meals for a juiced meal. For instance, instead of eating eggs and bacon for breakfast you can make a juice with some apples, oranges, spinach, carrots and so on. You’ll be surprised how full it makes you and how long it lasts! You’ll be juicing like a pro in no time.