Easy Ways To Flatten Abs

We all want flat abs, but to strengthen the core is another tough workout. It requires a lot of strength training to get it strong and lose the curves on top of it. But to flatten them does not have to be stressful, There are a few easy ways to reduce the curve. Look at these easy exercises from morning to evening.

In the morning, spend five minutes as a ballerina. No, not with the tights and tutu, but they have flat stomachs that help. Stand next to a chair, rest your left on the back of it, and keep your legs together. Have your heels, touch, point your toes outward, and lift your free arm straight up towards the ceiling. Pivot forward from the waist, arch your back, and lower your free hand toward the floor as far as you can go. Hold and tighten your abs by sucking your belly button inward and exhale.It should take 20 seconds each time to do it within five minutes.

That’s the morning, now here’s the afternoon session when at work. You can do the same as on top, but without the bending. While standing up still, pull your abs in and let go after a few seconds without holding your breath. At your desk, try this exercise: hold something minor heavy like a water bottle between both hands. Sit up straight and keep the hips and knees forward; move the bottle from side to side slowly while keeping the core at your obliques. When you need to stand up and stretch, reach your arms over your head, press your palms together, and keeping the arms straight. Stretch upward and lean to both sides extensively every 30 seconds.

Another exercise is to stand with your feet 2 inches apart while keeping your spine straightened. Lift one leg 4 to 6 inches and balance on your other leg and keep straight for 10 seconds; repeat with the other leg. Another exercise is to stand up and place your hands flat on the desk, under the shoulders. Keep your back flat, walk one foot back at a time to keep straight and walk back forward in one minute. Back at home, get a stability ball and lie on it from under your lower back. Put your arms over your chest crosses and tighten the abs by lifting your torso off the ball. This will contract the stomach muscles; while doing so, lower your midsection down to your hips.

Last, before going to bed, lie down with your legs straightened. Lift your leg upwards as close as you can to a ninety degree angle and raise your arm upwards. Cross your leg across the body and have your toes touch the fingertips; repeat with the other leg and do it slowly in a span of five minutes. These are small exercises that, with repetition and time, will flatten your abs and build up your core for a more advanced workout to build upper body strength.