Exercise During Work


An exercise a day as the saying goes keeps the doctor away. It is a known fact exercises are beneficial to the health and its relevance cannot be over-emphasized.
Good enough, the average man does exercises everyday whether consciously or unconsciously. The reason for saying this is simple. An exercise is simply defined as physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness. This is clear enough to imply that any physical activity carried out by humans which include walking, riding, swimming, playing etc. are all forms of exercise. Exercise becomes conscious when there is deliberate intention to go engage in physical activities such as hitting the gym and working out. These are all various forms of exercise geared towards improving the immunity of the body system.

Young Businessman Doing Pushups At His Workplace
Young Businessman Doing Pushups At His Workplace

Since exercises are important to the human health, wisdom demands that every opportunity to exercise must be utilized. This also applies to work places. There are some works which demand enough physical activities and exercise of the body such as working on sites, being a mechanic and many other strenuous works. Mostly for office works or what some regard as “Table Jobs” which involve sitting all day long on a chair, most times with a personal computer, or jobs which do not require you to move around, then the following are ways on how you can exercise at your work place:
1. Occasionally stand up from your chair and stretch your body
This is about the most basic way to exercise your body. Occasionally stand up from your chair and stretch your body. This includes getting up, stretching your arms and legs and walking around the office.
2. Twitch your feet and toes
When you are at a sitting position at your desk, you can remove your shoes and twitch or move your feet circularly. You can also move your toes up and down. This exercise helps to strengthen your ankles and aids the circulation of blood.

3. Squatting
Performing squats at intervals is also an effective office exercise which helps in strengthening the thighs. This can be also done in the office especially during breaks and free periods. It also does not require the use of large space.
4. Walk as much as you can
This medium involves you taking any slight opportunity to walk. With this medium, youcan decide to use the stairs instead of an elevator. You can also take strolls at any free time by pacing the floor and deliberately stretching your body.
It has been scientifically proven that exercises at your place of works makes you productive the more and allows for efficiency.
Life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Eat well, sleep and rest well. Above all, exercise your body as much as you can. The body gets weak and weary when not active. Trust me, you don’t want to know what it means not to be fit physically. You can cheat this by constantly engaging in exercises even at your place of work. So no excuses, get started!!!