Why Fitness Classes Aren’t Just For Women

It is a misconception that taking fitness classes is only for women. It is too “girly” and not manly to take a toning or sculpting class because men need to have big muscles and carry lots of weight not just have a nice figure. This is not true and a complete myth. There are many pros to having men join fitness classes that are typically filled with women.

Photo by Jonathan Colon. Source: https://skatesphere.com

How does it work?

The concept of toning is often misunderstood. Toning is, in fact, the state of semi-shrinkage of the muscle after you have done physical activity. In particular, the girls want a toned look. To get the tonic look of the models you admire, you have to do two things:  increase your muscle mass and burn the fat covering the muscles so that they will be visible. Not even the many repetitions made with the lift of small dumbbells, taking pills or other dietary supplements or long cardio activities will not give you a “toned” body, and toning exercises do not exist.

You might be afraid that if you are working out with weight, you will become too big. There’s nothing to worry about. The body of the girls produces little testosterone, and muscle mass growth is slow even for boys. With a healthy diet and body fat of 25% or less, I do not think it can get to the performance of becoming too big naturally. Even the heavy sets under 5 rehearsals will not give you a masculine look. A model (at least fitness) does not make hunger, but it does eat well. And finally, there are mirrors. If it seems to you that you become too muscular, you can stop … although I do not think it will be the case.

Some may wonder if your muscles turn into fat after you quit fitness. Well, no. Fat and muscles are two different tissues. In fact, the more muscle mass, the more your body burns calories at rest. It is possible that a person who used to eat a lot during a period of sport, to continue this habit after she leaves.

Photo by Jonathan Colon. Source: https://skatesphere.com

Another concept is the one that if you sweat then you burn fat. Maybe “Sweat is fat crying” sounds motivational, but sweat plays a role in regulating body temperature. There are people who think that if they sweat, they will lose more fat. While a little sweating may be a sign that you are working hard, this is not true. Sweating may look that you are losing weight, but it’s just water.

Does it really matter the kilograms indicated by the scales? Not really. The lost weight can be muscle mass, water, etc. It would be better if you studied your progress by looking at or taking pictures in the mirror, but preferably in the same place and light. It matters more than how much of your body weight is fat.

What are the conclusions?

In conclusion, all fitness activities are for both men and women. Generally, women and men have to train the same: similar exercises, similar progressive loading and a similar number of repetitions. Women can make knee exercises, jumps on the box, sprints, and presses, just like any man, and the performance and body composition will benefit equally.