Five Ways Cycling Benefits Your Health


There are many ways to improve our health. From yoga, to gym sessions, swimming or running; the amount of exercises, exercise regimes and sports that are open to us is almost endless. One of the most popular forms of exercise is cycling. There isn’t a gym in the world that doesn’t include exercise bikes. Getting out and about on a bicycle is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle, so here are five ways cycling can improve your health.

1: Cardio:

Cycling is a great calorie burner. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, but do not want to spend money on a gym membership, cycling is the option for you. As part of a healthy lifestyle, cycling will help you lose weight effectively. The amount you lose is largely dependant on your weight and how much you are pushing. For instance a person of around 55kg, going around 21kph will lose around 440kcal an hour. Thats a good amount of calories you are burning. Cycling is also less impactful, like say running can be. This means you are losing weight with no worries of long term damage.

2: Muscle:

Cycling is not just a good cardio vascular workout. When peddling, you are also working your muscles. Cycling is most effective around the glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings. If you are serious about your cycling, weight training these muscles will improve your cycling as well. This is why cycling is such a popular exercise, as it is great for cardio and toning and strengthening muscles.

3: Diseases:

Regular exercise has been found to not only benefit your immediate health, but your long term health as well. The addition of cycling into your lifestyle will decrease the chances of heart disease, respiratory issues and even cancer. Of course cycling alone is not the only factor in these, but by weekly, or even daily cycling, the chances of you suffering from certain health issues in the future will be cut immensely.

4: Mind:

With regular cycling, you will not only feel better physically, but you will also grow stronger mentally. The release of endorphins into your system when exercising is a great way of combating depression and anxiety. The feelings you will get from pushing yourself further when cycling will also give you a great sense of achievement. As you begin to cycle more and start to see your body changing for the better, your self-esteem will grow and your confidence will rise.

5 Longevity:

As we grow older, our health becomes even more important. Cycling is a great way to maintain healthy muscles, stronger bones and general wellness for senior citizens. It has been shown that people who regularly cycle live longer lives, and it can even help in improving knee pain and osteoarthritis in elderly people.

Cycling is a great way to improve and maintain your overall health. From losing weight, to building muscle, preventing disease and lengthening our lives; include cycling into your health plan and start reaping the benefits.