How To Get Back On Track After Taking A Break From Fitness

People can get off their fitness track for various reasons, ranging from an injury to a tight schedule at work or family, or simply because you lost motivation to continue with your fitness routine.
If this is your case and you wish to jump back on your fit and hit the gym, then here are some steps to help you get back on track on your fitness program.

Get a workable plan

The very first step to getting back on your feet is to get a very good plan to bring you back. There are different approaches to this; you could get a professional app to track your progress through a laid down plan in the app, you could meet a trainer to plan out your training, you could as well draw up your own plan. But in drawing your own plan, you try to plan for a week and try committing yourself to it. If you succeed, then proceed to increasing the work out.

Start slow and easy

Since you are trying to get back on your feet, you don’t have to do all the fitness routine in one day. Start slow, even slower from where you stopped before; you don’t want to give your muscles, joints and other nervous system stress that cannot be recovered from. Just start slowly and build up gradually.

Your body needs fueling

We can never overemphasize the importance of giving our body the appropriate fuel (food), which is balanced and energizing. Since we are trying to get back on track, we must make every effort to balance our eating with the right amount of protein, the right amount of carbohydrates and lots of water.

Record your progress

In getting back on track, always take note of your progress. This could mean taking down your daily routine completion progress in a journal or using a technological assistant to keep track of your present progress. This is important because you are able to look back at the books and see how much is done and how much is needed to be done.


The place of motivation in getting back on track after a long time pause on exercise is very important. There are days you won’t be feeling like exercising. Motivation becomes a factor for bouncing back to action. You can get motivated by, keeping a journal and tracking your success story, get a partner for your exercise, creating a playlist for your exercise.

Quality sleep

If after a tedious section of exercise you refuse to take a rest then you stand the chance breaking down your system. Sleep has its place in exercising, no matter how many hours you exercise; you just have to give yourself a time of rest. Try getting around 8 to 9 hours of rest on days of rigorous exercises. The body is refreshed each day and you are ready for the next. There you have it, some guidelines for you to get back on your feet. It’s never too late!