Getting Into The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet has been popular among the population for a while now. Decades, in fact. The concept behind it is having to eat specific amounts of protein, carbs, and fat with each meal. This is to help reduce the overall inflammation of the body. However, like most fad diets, there has been push back against the trend.

Getting Into The Zone Diet


The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears after, an American biochemist who was inspired to formulate the diet after losing family members to heart attacks.
The specific proponents of a zone diet is to be eating 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% for every meal. However, the carbohydrates taken should have a low glycemic index. This releases sugar at a steady pace making you feel full longer, thus reducing the intake of food.

In addition, the protein needs to be lean and should mostly contain monosaturated fat.

Following this regime help reduce the inflammation of the body which is normally why we gain weight, age faster, and die quicker.

Everything was published in his best-selling book The Zone which was released back in 1995.


Unlike most “fad” diets, the zone does not have any phases. It was designed specifically to be used from day one until the rest of your lives. That is why, if you want to partake in this specific diet, you will need to use two methods – the Hand Eye method and the Zone Block method. Normally, they could be used simultaneously. However, many who have been using this diet transitioned themselves from the Hand Eye to the Zone block because the latter was admittedly more advanced than the other.

We will go into each one.

• The Hand-Eye Method

As its name suggests, this method requires you to use only your eyes and your hands as tools. Your hands will help you determine that you will need five meals a day and that you should not go more than five hours without a food. Your eyes on the other hand, is used to estimate the portions you are going to be preparing.
To make it easier for you, it is a good idea to divide your plate into three portions where two-thirds of it will be filled in with carbs, a third of the plate will be protein, and only a small portion will be allocated to fat.

• Zone Food Blocks

Zone food block relies heavily on the personally counting how much protein, carbohydrates, and fat and it depends on one’s height, weight, and the measurements of one’s hip and waist.

It also varies from man and woman.

With this, many believe you will be able to lose extra body fat fast, maintain overall wellness even further into old age, slows down aging, and allows you to think and perform faster.

Getting Into The Zone Diet

At the end of the day, it is still best to pick the diet that you choose, if you think the zone diet is one suited for you, then, so be it. However, all the benefits that it is thought to do should be taken with a grain of salt because nothing is ever proven. Diet is a subjective matter, and it will always be. ”