How To Help A Friend Overcome Depression


Many articles have been written about depression and the way it can affect a person’s life. If you have a friend suffering from it then it would be nice to be there for them right? Most times when you ask a depressed person if they are okay they will just answer you with the regular fine. The reason why it is so hard for someone to open up to their friends is because you will find that you cannot relate to them. This article is meant to give some insight in the thoughts of a depressed person and how you can help.

  • Feeling lonely.

Even in a room full of people you will notice a depressed person go into a corner alone. This is because they often feel like no one really understands what they feel and even though you are there you will seem out of reach.

  • Guilty.

The one thing you should know is that a depressed person will often feel guilty for being in their condition. Avoid pointing out how their depression makes your life hard. Never call them a mood stomper. This could push them further into it. Be gentle and supportive when trying to raise their moods.

  • No one understands.

Another common feeling in the depression community is that no one understands them. You will find a friend is very distant and mostly does not want to discuss their issues with you. This could be in major part because they feel misunderstood. No one ever seems to just understand them no matter how they express themselves. You can try talking to them but sometimes it just will not be fruitful. If the person shuts down completely you can try and give them something to do or get them into a productive hobby. Art is known to reduce the anger or feelings of suicide in depressed people. You can sign them up to a pottery class or a kickboxing class.

  • Random bouts of sadness.

You could be walking around having a fun chat when they suddenly get super sad. This is common with depressed people. You will notice them get bitter one minute and break down and cry the next. These fluctuations are because of the overwhelming feelings they get on the regular. Sometimes even they do not know what it is that they are going through or feeling. It is important sometimes to engage them in mind exercises to get them back to reality. If all else fails, give them a few hours to let it pass.

  • Make yourself available.

The one thing you know well is that you can be there for them even if you do not fully understand what it is that they are going through. This is why you need to constantly remind them that they are not in it alone.

We hope this article has shed some light on the reasons why our depressed friends act the way they do at times this is why we need to help them as they deal with their mental illness.