How to Drink More Water


Water is an essential part of everyone’s diet. Drinking water is definitely the best thing that we can do to our body. It not only improves the body functions but also helps in removing waste from our body. However, for some people it is a tedious chore to drink water. Following are the few tips to increase the daily intake of water:


  • Add flavor: Drinking the tasteless water every time may seem boring. To make drinking water more exciting we could add various fruits, vegetables and herbs which will make it tastier as well as much healthier. Some of the fruits are kiwi, cherry, mango, strawberries; lemon, pomegranate. Few vegetables that can be added are cucumber, ginger and celery. Few herbs that can be added are mint, basil, lavender which makes it very refreshing.


  • Link drinking water with daily activities: We may forget or may be too lazy to get the water bottle and drink from it. Why not link it with other activities like drinking a glass after going to the washroom, going to the pantry or kitchen to get coffee, take a glass of water then. This will ensure the daily target of water is achieved.


  • Drink before every meal: Drinking water before every meal helps in curbing the intake of extra calories as it makes you feel full. It also helps in preventing dehydration which further improves rough and dry skin and it also energizes your day as lack of water may make us lethargic.


  • Use technology: Since everything is technologically done these days, why not, track the number of cups using apps on phones. Few apps are daily water free and carbodroid.


  • A high-tech bottle: There are many high-tech water bottles which are available in the market. Such bottles record your water intake and send the information to you on your phone.


  • Dilute them: you can also dilute the sugary drinks like juices, lemonade and iced tea with water and ice. This will satisfy your craving for such drinks without affecting your water intake.


  • Keep it nearby: A very useful and old suggestion is fill up the water bottle and keep it near you. If this is done, it will keep reminding you to drink at regular intervals. So, you won’t have to go to the kitchen or the water cooler to fill it up again and again.


  • Filter installation: installing a filter may help in increasing the intake as it not only purifies it but also enhances its taste.


  • Sparkling or still water: It is always better to ask for either sparkling or still water over soda as they are zero-calorie. They can even be made tastier by adding lime juice to them.
Close-up pouring water into glass on a blue background
Close-up pouring water into glass on a blue background
  • Water-rich foods: What can be better than having food which is rich in water? Few very tasty and healthy options are: cucumber with 96% water, zucchini with 95%, watermelon has 92% and grapefruit-91%. Let’s grab these before it’s too late. Water can be consumed through such delicious vegetables and fruits too.


  • One to one rule: the most important rule while consuming alcohol is this one. What is it exactly? Well, have a glass of water for every cocktail. This is actually the thumb rule which of course, ensures enough water in your system. But, it also helps in avoiding hangovers. Additionally, it balances out the sugar packed syrups in your drinks with that extra glass of water.


  • A marked water bottle: If a high-tech bottle wasn’t enough, companies have come up with marked water bottles too. These bottles have ounces or hours mentioned on them. This acts as a gentle reminder to you for drinking water. Since it is marked with hours as well, they help in achieving the water intake goal even hourly. This seems easier than tracking the whole day’s intake.


It is time to gear up and follow few or all of these tips to increase your water intake. A healthy body can help in doing wonders in every aspect of life.