Tips For Overcoming Fear of Edges

The reality of life is that you will fight and you will fail. But not everyone understands that apart from being a form of defeat, failure is also a lesson. One of the worst nightmares of a competitive athlete is when they lose to a younger person performing the sport they really love. Once the cocoon of superiority and invincibility you’ve erected around yourself comes crashing down and your self-identity shatters, you can feel like it is the end of your journey. This can have a great impact on people and this includes considering yourself as a loser, thoughts of failure, fear competing again, anger, self-pity, desire to quit and loss of self-confidence. You can never help someone who has decided they are a loser unless they decide they don’t want to be losers anymore. You may not be able to decode your mind, but it is very easy to convince one’s mind of anything.


What can you do to overcome an edge?

Sports Training

Sports training is no longer limited to certain individuals are dealing with sports. In fact, most professional sportsmen revealed their secrets and techniques in achieving strong and flexible body when performing strenuous activities. There are actually different kinds of sports training which are also associated with a variety of equipment and tools. Do not hesitate to try sports training. You do not have to do what the professional ones perform. It actually takes some time before you finally understand and learn how to do specific sports training techniques. When you consistently and regularly do the training, while observing some important factors, there is no doubt that you will achieve your goals.

Weight Training

Weight Training

One way to overcome an edge is to do weight training. This is the typical strength training type to develop the skeletal muscles’ size and strength. This makes use of weight gravity force (through weight stacks, dumbbells, or weighted bars) in opposing the force which is generated by the muscles by eccentric or concentric contraction. Weight training makes use of different specialized equipment in targeting the specific movement types and groups of muscles. The sports wherein strength training has been focused are weight lifting, strong man, javelin throw, shotput, Highland games, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and discus throw. Other sports that are using strength training include notably football, rowing, hockey, basketball, track and field, wrestling, and rugby.


When talking about moving through life with an edge, you have to consider your specific training method in order to achieve the result you desired. In this way, you will be successful in achieving your dreams and goals. Always remember that there is one important lesson that every moment of failure teaches us. The lesson is, knowing what not to do is a far greater benefit compared to knowing what to do. Moving through life along the edge is not necessarily about fitness training. It is about having a good reason to get up every morning. Keep the fire burning, but don’t get into battles that you know you can’t win. Accepting and acknowledging your weaknesses is the best thing to do.