Including Ginger in Your Daily Diet


Some of the foods are packed with ample amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are really necessary for keeping us healthy. These are also a powerhouse of nutrients and including them in our daily diet keep us away from the risk of getting attacked by some life threatening diseases.

Then sometimes these kinds of foods are referred to as superfoods mostly in common parlance but not by the medical fraternity. The list of such foods is long and ginger is one such that finds its place in this long list of superfoods.

Generally, from the days of old this herb or underground stem is part of most of the kitchens as a spice. This is being used as a treatment for many kinds of common ailments from the days of yore like stomach aches, nausea, and cold and so on.

Even today several people do use this to get relief from these ailments. Further it is found that it is a pain reliever, a cognitive enhancer, anti-cancer agent and also a reliever of menstrual symptoms. This can be used in the dry form or the fresh form. Both have health benefits for the human body. It is also added to cosmetics and processed foods and is generally used as an ingredient in many of the recipes too.

What is the benefit of including ginger in your daily food then?

❖ Several kinds of nausea including the morning sickness, sea sickness, chemotherapy related nausea and other kinds of vomiting can be treated with the help of ginger.
❖ Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it is said to be useful in the reduction of soreness and muscle pain. Taking it on a daily basis can help minimize the pain in the muscle got due to exercising.
❖ Daily intake of ginger may help reduce blood sugar levels and also helps improve on the heart disease factors. It has been found to have anti-diabetic properties too.
❖ People suffering from degeneration of the joints can add ginger to their daily diet. They will find relief in the knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. They can also reduce the dose of the medicine if ginger is consumed on a daily basis.
❖ There are a number of people who always suffer from chronic ingestion. Such people need to take ginger. Also people with other stomach related discomforts and problems have found relief with including ginger in their diet.
❖ Some women always get pain during their menstrual period. With the intake of ginger powder during the first three days reduces the pain drastically.
❖ Ginger is found to reduce the cholesterol levels especially the bad cholesterol or LDL which is the major cause of heart related ailments.
❖ Taking ginger can help prevent cancer especially the colon cancer. It is believed that the presence of 6-gingerol in ginger may be the cause of this kind of prevention.
❖ Ginger also helps in fighting infections. This is due its properties that inhibits the growth of some kinds of bacteria that are responsible for spreading the contagious diseases. It is effective in the inflammatory diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis the diseases of the gums.

With all these properties and benefits does ginger not deserve to be called as one of the superfoods? Yes it does.