Man catches girlfriend in bed with another man, quickly shares it on social media

Being in a relationship is one of the most demanding things that most of us ever do apart from maybe being in the Space Program training camp or something like that. Some of the days that we are in it feel like it is just the two of us that exist and that there is nothing that can make us sad. Then there are days when it feels like we are being slowly poisoned or decapitated if you can imagine that.
This is the story of a man who lives in Killeen, Texas. His name is Duston Holloway and his story made us really reflect on what we would do if we were thrust into it. He works as a superintendent at a construction company. Because of the nature of the work that he does, he needs to be away from home for days and sometimes weeks across the country. In a relationship, being away can be hard on the person that we are with if they are not able to see us as much as they would like. For Holloway, being away was hard because he missed the son he had with an ex-partner. But, this was not the only person that he missed. Holloway, happened to have gone on into a new relationship.

Working Away

Holloway now had a girlfriend that he loved and she was the other person that he knew he would miss when he went to work. She had moved into his home and that was a sign that this was the real deal and that he had to be as invested in it as she seemed to be.

He believed that she was there for him. He believed that she loved him and everything seemed to be going well. He felt like he was safe when he traveled and that he had no reason to worry about her. He assumed that she would be waiting for him to come back home. He had no idea that she had other plans than the ones he imagined she did.


Duston missed his girlfriend a lot and he imagined that she missed him as much as he did her. He would always count down the days to when he would return to see her again. It was April 2017 when he decided to do something that he thought would spark the relationship and make it more fun. He thought that if he came home early, she would be surprised and be excited about it.

He imagined that it would make her day. For the whole journey, he was just picturing how amazing that moment would be. Well, you can probably see where this is going and yes, you are right. He had no idea that he would be surprised and that it would be nothing like what he had pictured.

Homecoming King

It was very late at night and he assumed that when he walked into the house, she would be asleep. So, he let himself into the house and crept up the stair so as not to spoil the surprise until he was face to face with her. He opened the door to the bedroom and then, he froze. There she was, in a position that he would never be able to erase from his memory.

He found her in bed with another man. Both of them were sound asleep and did not hear him as he walked into the room. He was angry, but he was also broken in a way that nothing can easily fix. He had no idea what to do at that moment.


Holloway understandably had no idea what to do at that moment. He just came up with one scenario after another to try and find a way to approach the scenario that would not make things worse. The first thought he had was to wake up the man and fight for the rights to the bed and the woman but he figured that it was a stupid and pathetic idea after a while.

He thought about waking the girlfriend to confront her about the issue. He poked and prodded her but she never budged. They were so intoxicated that they did not even hear anything that he did. This was a scenario that people see in movies or dream about as a worst-case scenario.

More Scenarios

He realized that waking them up would not work and so he continued to run simulations in his head to see if he could find something viable. He thought about waking her up and asking if he could sleep in the spare room as she looked busy in this one or ask the man what he would like for breakfast.

Even with these amazing jokes, Holloway was bitter and very saddened by this situation, but he preferred making fun of the situation so that he wouldn’t go crazy about it.

Photo Op

He decided to stop trying to wake them up and took out his phone. There is no better evidence that the photographic kind. He opened the camera app and took a copious amount of photos of his girlfriend and the man she was lying with, making sure to get their faces properly captured.

He was done photographing after a while and now had to think of what to do with the photos. He had never thought he would ever be in a situation like that, so it was all way too new.

Double Misfortune

It was a bad year for Holloway because this was not even the first incident that happened to him that was not good. Apart from the lying girlfriend that he was now facing, he had been in an accident at work that nearly killed his left arm.

He was working at an oil rig where 70% of his muscles were crushed and 80 nerves were torn out. He had internal bleeding too from that accident.

Focusing On Positives

He coped with the accident in the best way that he could. After undergoing three major surgeries and some minor procedures, he came out the other end with a positive attitude to enable him to go through life without giving up. He had the best system support in the world as he put it.

Even though his hand will never go back to its former glory, he never despaired and went through it like a champ. His reaction was pretty much the same when he found the girl was cheating.

Making a Decision

Duston took a look at the photos that he had managed to take and had to make a decision on what he would do with them. The conclusion he came up with was he would do well to put them on social media. He had no expectation of the post going viral like a post he had seen of a boyfriend in Brazil who had been jilted.

Holloway wrote next to the photo, “good men deserve good women.” He could not condone the situation and wanted to make sure that everyone knew this.


There is no relationship that can survive when trust is absent from the equation and that is what Duston Holloway realized was no broken. He had trusted this woman and she had repaid him this way.

He wanted to make sure that he took revenge on her to make sure that she learned her lessons. That is why he decided to put the photos on social media to make this point as clear as possible.

Respect Even In Revenge

Being the ‘good guy’, Duston decided that he would not completely humiliate her and made sure to curate the pictures and post the ones that did not look too bad. He wanted to get revenge but he wanted to do it in the most respectful way that he could think of.

He may have been angry but he maintained his composure. He kept the pictures child-friendly such that they did not show anything that was lewd.

It Went Viral

Duston’s post spread worldwide before he even registered how viral it was getting. The post has since been deleted. However, the pictures that get uploaded to the internet are kind of permanent. They were there for a long time for everyone to see.

Holloway soon became a sensation and gained a number of fans. A lot of people who had had the same experience messaged him to explain the way that they had felt in solidarity.

The Fans

A lot of people sent their experience to Duston to let him know that this does happen and that they supported his action to post the images as he had done. Many thought that the actions were actually nice of him, considering that she had just cheated on him.

He did not fight and they found that admirable of him. His calmness and willingness to see the lighter side of things was congratulated. There were no distasteful acts.

What You Deserve

The fans agreed with the comment that he had added to the post that “good men deserve good women.” They thought that he was right and that he deserved better. They made sure that he knew he would find love and that this time it would be the kind that he could rely on.

One person told him “find someone who will think the world of you!” What’s more, he even had admirers who posted photos.

Others Like Him

The attention that the post got was more than he was prepared for. The post soon became a place for other victims who had been placed in his situation to share their stories of what happened.

While most of them mentioned that they had been calm, others were a little more hot-headed. One lady recounted that she went downstairs and made herself a cup of tea. Duston felt relief in finding that he was not the only one.


Not everyone was on his side. There were some who argues that in spite of the image that people had painted him in as the bigger man, he actually stooped to the level of his cheating girl when he took photos of them and posted them online for everyone to see.

However, these critics were drowned out by the voices of support that Holloway had. He felt that he was justified even though he had doubts.

Overnight Sensation

He became a famous person overnight. He went back the next day to respond to fans. Duston let them know that he was delighted by the support that they were showing him.

He was encouraged by them and they were the reason that he was able to get through the day without feeling too much despair. He felt like even with the jokes and the revenge, he was in pain and felt low.

Not For Fame

With this kind of attention being directed at him, it is not hard to make the leap from this to the fact that he may have done it for the fame. He received thousands of requests, likes, and shares. He has since said that he did not do it to be famous.

His intention was not to be known all over. That had just come because there were way too many people who identified with his personal story.

Duston is Single

Despite going through something like this, Duston was later reported as saying, “The world ain’t as bad as we think.” He has kept his cheerful and positive attitude.

He may have wanted to beat up the guy in that bed that night but he had his son in mind. So, he decided that he had to do the responsible thing. What would be the next logical step for him to take? He found one.

The Next Step

He left the relationship that he had imagined would last forever. It was something that he had trusted and the infidelity had crushed him in ways that he could have not expected.

He has distanced himself from her since that time and spends time with his family and friends to make sure that he keeps what is important close to him. He has found out that the best thing to do in this situation is live life to the fullest.

Professional Advice

After this ordeal, he took the advice of the millions who showed him the light at the end of the tunnel. A professional therapist said there is no need to be the victim and that we can get past the resentment and horror of it all to be the best version of ourselves.

It is very obvious who came out at the top in the end. We cannot help but feel like he deserved to be happy.