How to stay committed to exercise and keep up a gym routine

If you have the desire to achieve something let it be a fit mind, body, and soul, a six pack or a goal to be an athlete then you should step out of your comfort zone immediately. As there is no gain without pain but in long run, it’s going to prove its worth to you. You just need some motivation so you can stick to your routine. This way you can stay away from general illness, to make yourself confident among people. So many people are making a resolution to start going to the gym but the real battle is in maintaining the consistency. It all depends on your mental goal that how you are executing your willpower to stay healthy and muscular. Here we are providing some tips to stay glued to your daily exercise routine for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

If it’s not much enjoyable for some then it’s not boring too

Believe it that initially holding those heavy dumbbells and frequent push-ups is not the piece of cake but those who have got good hands over it with their regular visit to the gym have got crush upon them. So a consistency will help you to love your daily routine. It’s better to choose initially what you love to do but you can’t stay so sympathetic to your body for a longer spell. Consistency will help you gain mastery over the difficult activities.

Do it again and again….

If you keep on escaping your visit to the gym or the ground them definitely you are going to lose your interest. So stick to 21 days’ formula once you continue something for continuous 21 days it will become your habit. Give it a try…

Reward yourself

Split your aim into short-term goals and upon accomplishment gift yourself something to keep yourself motivated. For example- if you have made a continuous 7-day visit to the gym then purchase something which really mesmerizes you and is under the budget, once packs start appearing on your belly purchase a tight fit tee.

Choose a good partner

If you are getting deviated from your daily track, then you need a good company or a partner who is heading to the gym daily. They will help you to overcome your laziness or silly excuses and also be a troubleshooter to your smaller problem that is becoming an obstacle in your way to the gym. You can also create something like WhatsApp group to share your improvement pictures of before and after to get enjoyment, challenges as well as motivation.

Be ready with all the things required

Keep your gym clothes, shoes, equipment, drinks, nutrition all arranged a place so that you don’t need to search for everything early in the morning it right after your work. Save yourself from the panic and wash your gym clothes regularly, this will make you feel fresh throughout the session. So don’t wait for something to happen just start and stay committed.