Top 10 Fitness Blogs

Being fit is a goal that everyone has or has had at some point in their life, but most of us can’t seem to reach it, or we struggle to remain fit once we get there. Fortunately for me and you, there are many blogs out there to give you all sorts of tips, and motivational ideas to keep you going one more day,  and here are the top 10 blogs of 2018.

The Fitnessista
Gina Harney is the author and personality behind this blog, her reassuring style of writing gives you confidence that, you too, can do it. Her blog includes quick to fix healthy recipes, effective easy to do intensive workouts, and even snippets of her family life.

Nerd Fitness
Funny and informative, Steve Kamb’s blog is truly one of the best when it comes to fitness advice. In his blog, Steve focuses heavily on how to improve your eating and exercising habits, you can also download the app Nerd Fitness Coaching, to get helpful fitness advice on the go.

Workout Mommy
Lisa Gulley, a mother of 4, dedicates this blog to mothers that find it hard to take care of the house and do exercises at the same time. She provides inspiration and strategies that best help women get a good exercise routine in a short time.

With around 7000 fitness trainers, and 300 million monthly users, FitFluential is by far one of the biggest brands, in internet health advice. Here you will find all sorts of useful information, and if that is not enough, FitFluential gives you the option to hire a fitness expert for personalized guidance.

Cassey Ho, is almost an internet celebrity with her Blogilates business, she has amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube, and about a million more followers on Instagram. She specializes in selling and advertising fitness products, which her subscribers are usually eager to buy.

Fit Bottomed Girls
This blog’s focus is to give women and men confidence in changing your eating habits, not to decrease your weight, but to increase your everyday energy and quality of life, they also encourage through their transformation stories and various podcasts.

Summer Tomato
While most of the other blogs are written by professional trainers, Summer Tomato is written by an even more professional person, a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Darya Rose, created this blog for people that did not want to restrict their eating habits, but still wanted to lose weight.

Mindbodygreen, yes it’s one word and not three, is a one-stop shop, for all your health information, as they take into consideration your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing when giving you advice on this blog.

Badass fitness
The name says it all, while most fitness blogs out there give you advice on how to more easily and comfortably get healthy and lose weight, Badass fitness, is for those who want to take their training game to the next level.

Comeback Momma
Comeback Momma is a blog, dedicated to mothers, who have gone through the post-partum changes in their bodies, and want to break free from their depression and start living healthier lifestyles once again. Jenn Mitchell blog focuses on fashion, as well as fitness and family advice.