Top 10 Fitness Exercises

Exercising is an essential part of living a full happy life, and staying healthy. For that reason, today we will look at some of the most effective exercises formed in 2018, which will help you turn your training regime from zero to hero.

Dynamic Planks
To perform dynamic planks, you start by placing yourself in a standard plank position, but instead of staying still, you rise your hips to the highest possible position, and then your bring them back down to the normal plank level.

Side Planks
Another form of doing planks that is popular this year, is the side plank, a more challenging form of the normal plank, where you focus all the weight of your body on one of your elbows and your feet, you stretch out the hip area upwards, and try to hold that position for as long as you can.

Battle Ropes
The idea of battle ropes is quite simple and unique, they are a set of 2 heavy ropes that you shape up and down in an alternative order, and this gives you a heavy cardio workout, which will get you sweeting in seconds.

Turkish getups
The Turkish getup, is a lesser known exercise, in which you keep a dumbbell above your head at all times with an arm, and starting from lying position on the ground, you perform a series of movements, until you end up standing, with the dumbbell still above your head.

Jumping rope
Jumping rope is one of the oldest and most recommended exercises, this alone proves how effective it is, as it both builds up muscle and burns fat, this is more so, when the jumps are done at an intermediate to high rate, above 100 jumps per minute.

Push-ups with hip extension
A harder version of the normal pushups, where you extended one of your legs behind you, and keep it that way throughout the repetition cycle, this creates more stress in your arms, giving you an overall better workout.

Leg Raises
Leg raises are a fairly simple concept to understand, you start with your legs slightly above the ground, and you raise them till they are above you, while keeping them straight. However leg raises are one of the best exercises for building core muscles, and are used in almost every training regimen.

Supine bridge with arm extensions
A supine bridge, is the opposite of a plank, where your chest faces upwards instead of towards the ground, both legs and hands on the ground, and see for how long you can hold it. The difference here, is that you alternatively remove one hand from the ground, move it upwards, and return it to the ground.

Knee lifts with lateral raise
This exercise involves raising alternatively your knees up as close as possible to your chest, at the same time, having 2 dumbbells by your sides and raising them above your head. This exercise improves your arms and legs strength, as well as your balance.