Top 10 Fitness Influencers

Fitness is defined as physically and mentally healthy. Fitness is the key to success. If we are fit then we can carry our daily chores much more efficiently. Our body fitness is basically divided into five components:
Cardiovascular fitness
Muscular strength
Muscular endurance
Body composition.

In order to stay fit, we must do regular exercises, yoga, and meditation. It not only works on your body parts but also for a well-focused and sharper mind. In every field, you work physical fitness is the most necessary requirement to be fulfilled. To make awareness about the necessity of fitness many people have started giving fitness tips and lessons via social media platform. Some of the famous fitness influencers are:

Michelle Lewin
Born in Maracay, Venezuela She is the most famous fitness icon all over the world. She has about 13 million Instagram followers, 400 thousand twitter followers, and 200 thousand YouTube followers. She has won a numerous bodybuilding competition.

Jennifer Selter
Jennifer Selter is an American based fitness model and celebrity. Born on 8th, August 1993 she is famous for her debut at an early age on Instagram. She has about 12 million Instagram followers. She is also known as the queen of booty. She was ranked 82 in the best 99 most desirable women in 2014.

Kayla Itsines
Kayla was ranked one of the 30 most influential people of the world in 2016. She was born on 21st May 1991 in Adelaide, Australia. She is famous for her fitness eBook series (Bikini Body Guides) and fitness app (Sweat with Kayla).

Lauren Drain
Lauren was born on 31st December 1985 in Tampa, Florida. She worked as a full-time nurse before entering to fitness. She is famous for her book “Banished”. The book got its place on the New York best seller book under the eBook category. Presently she is a full-time fitness trainer and model.

Simeon Panda
Born on 28 May 1986 in England he is a successful bodybuilder, sports model, and trainer. He has about 4 million Instagram followers. He owns the famous Apparel line SP aesthetics and Just lifts. He was crowned European champion in Muscle mania competition in 2013.

Massiel Arias
She was born on November 23, 1988, in the Dominican Republic. She is a famous fitness trainer and motivator. She has about 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Emily Skye
Emily is one of the most beautiful fitness trainers all over the world. She was born on 7 January 1985 in Australia. She also won 2011 WNBF miss figure and fit body award.

Rachel Brathen
Born on 5th October 1988, Brathen is a fitness guru and a yoga teacher. She wrote the book “Yoga Girl” which was one of the New York best seller. She founded the yoga studio “Island Yoga Aruba”.

Alexa Jean
She is a fitness trainer and mother of two. Her main aim is to motivate women to include workouts in their life. She has more than 1.7 Instagram followers.

Joe Wicks
Born on 21st September 1985, he is a British fitness trainer. He is also known as the body coach. He has more than 1.9 million Instagram followers. He uses the High-Intensity Interval Training method.