Top 5 Common Fitness Myths

If you are about to change your lifestyle, change your habits or make plans, and set new goals for your physical activity, read these  common myths about fitness and weight loss and do things the right way.
Of course, for everything you are not sure, ask your fitness instructor. Verified information and good tips will help you to maintain a good form, to be healthy and to avoid injuries during the exercise.
There are some of the most widespread misconceptions about exercising and weight loss, and therefore we suggest you read them.

1. You can lose weight on certain parts of the body by performing exercises that are directed to those parts of the body
True Truth: This concept is known as “spot training”, but unfortunately it does not help burn fat. Unfortunately, you cannot choose in which part of the body the weight reduction will be displayed. Your body only determines which fat deposits will use. For example: working your abdominal muscles will strengthen your abdominal muscles, but this will not reduce fat deposits on your stomach.

2. Women who use weights will increase their muscle mass too much
True Truth: To achieve muscle buildup, testosterone is needed, and the level of this hormone is significantly lower in women than in men, so in most cases, women cannot easily build up too much muscles. In fact, as muscles take up less space than fat, women tend to reduce volume by doing bodybuilding. In addition to speeding up metabolism, bodybuilding reduces the risk of osteoporosis and increasing the level of strength, so this type of training will also help you lose weight.

3. If you cannot exercise hard and often then exercising does not make sense
True Truth: Even moderate physical activity reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you cannot single out 30 minutes for exercise, then divide it into three parts for ten minutes during the day when you have time. Everyone can find ten minutes of free time during the day and do some exercises. There are simple things you can do to improve physical activity and without going to the gym: use stairs instead of the elevator, do twenty abdominals and push-ups when you have a break, walk after lunch. Remember that any exercise is better than a complete absence of physical activity.

4. If you do abdominal exercises you will have a flat stomach
True Truth: This is similar to the number one myth. The fact is that the only way to have a flat stomach is to remove fat from the middle part of the body. This is achieved by cardio with aerobic exercise that burns calories, strength training that accelerates metabolism. Abdominal exercises will help you build abdominal musculature, but the muscles will not be visible until you have fat deposits in the central part of your body.

5. You will burn more calories if you practice in a longer time interval with lower intensity
True truth: The most important factor in exercising and controlling body weight is not the percentage of calories consumed, but total calories burned during some activity. The faster you walk, ride a bicycle or swim, the more calories you burn in a minute.