Top 5 Healthiest Sports to Play

Studies have shown that some sports have various fitness benefits in comparison to others. They have also concluded the sports that provide the best benefits for health. The five best sports to play include rowing, tennis, running and swimming. Sports are an important part in your health and they are more fun to do than regular exercise that can seem like a chore.
When considering the properties that make a sport great for health reasons you have to consider these factors, cardio, muscle endurance, injury possibilities and the number of calories you will use during the duration of your workout.

Squash is recognized as the number one healthiest sport. The spot has gotten its reputation because of the high cardio levels as well has the muscular endurance that you need to play the sport. It involves a lot of full body movement which help to build endurance and burn calories. You will burn significant calories playing this game a minimum of thirty minutes.

Rowing is a sport that many people don’t really consider a is more like a weird hobby and hard work. When you talk about rowing the first thing comes to mind are pirates and whips. The truth is that owing is the number two healthiest sport. It involves high muscular endurance and cardio. To be best effective you will have to row for more than thirty during a single session. The best thing about this sport is that it is extremely difficult to get an injury. It is one of the safest sports to enjoy.

There are many people that can’t swim and this may not be a sport that they should invest in. it is still a very healthy and swimming is something everybody should learn to do. It is a well-known aerobic sport and regarded as the third best healthy sport to engage in. There are minimal chances of injury doing this spot but there is still the possibility. Partaking in this sport will increase your cardio levels and boost your muscular endurance. This will ultimately increase your stamina which is vital for swimming long distances.

The first thing you need to know is that there is a proper way to run. It might be surprising but t is fact and you can and will injure yourself if you don’t have the proper technique. It takes much physical strength and a whole lo of stamina to do this sport but it will increase your muscular and cardio levels. The sport as also been known to provide increase in bone strength and bone density.

This game is a very technical sport that requires the performance of technical moves along with short burst of sprints. Tennis is considered one of the best aerobic sports due to the large amount of energy that is exerted while playing this sport. You will burn a lot of calories playing this sport for the duration of thirty minutes each day.
It is easier for most people to play a sport instead of doing regular exercises that might seem like a chore.