Turning Exercise Into A Habit

First let’s discuss “what is exercise? What is the meaning of exercise?”

Exercise: Exercise is that physical activity or efforts, carried out to sustain, maintain and to improve the health and fitness.
Pros of exercise:
Exercise is also important part of healthy life. If we live a healthy life so we will keep away from the chronic diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, weakness, depression or diabetes. If a person loses his health, the world and its’ all charm mean nothing for him. It’s not only improve physical health but also emotional well -being. If we are healthy and fit so we can earn more money like said “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

Now we discuss that how to make the exercise as your daily habit as:

Exercise is not something that you just do and pick up one day, it is a hard and tough routine which you must have to make this as a daily life habit so there are some strategies that can be easier to stick with daily routine exercise.
Start your exercise with small quantity:
The best way to make it your habit is that you must take the easy one, the easy steps. Never say no to easy things because it converts into big success at the end. Just work for 2 or 3 minute in the beginning. It helps you to finish the task in a good manner.

Get Workout clothes:

Make sure, you must have the workout clothes. You feel good and motivated in wearing this outfit. You are preparing in this way that you go to some battle. You must feel comfortable.

Kill all excuses:

There are lot of things that stop your work. For example like may be your phone, not charged so you can’t your music. Like your clothes, that they are not washed.
Always remember that there are a dozen of things that stops your workout and to skip the gym.
Find an exercise buddy:
A workout partner is always helpful in workout. You have the responsibility to take your friend with you. It’s the duty but this made your habit.

Pick the Exercise you like:

If some exercise is not ok for you, say no to that workout. Pick some different and do work on that.
Set your workout on calendar:
Set your specific time on calendar and strictly stick and commit yourself to those times. If you are punctual that results a great success.

Feel enjoyment in your work:

You have different bodies with different strengths and weakness. If you hate something just leave it and do something else. For example, you hate jogging then do something else like pick weights.
Just do that exercise in which you feel comfortable.
Understand the benefits:You must know the pros and cons of any exercise.

Just move:

Just exercise, when you are too tired, it energizes your body energy.
Walk with your pet:
If you enjoy walking, then take your pet ( dog) with yourself to have a good mood. Your 10 minute walks turn into 30 minutes with the time.

Reward yourself:

Change the behavior is hard and motivation to yourself is a reward. It helps you a lot to stay fit.