These are The Weirdest Eyebrows You’ve Ever Seen


Ocean Waves

Imagine that your eyebrows were two little handlebar moustaches, painted right above your eyes. Doesn’t that sound… weird? Yes, to us too. But this woman obviously thought it was a style not to miss, and so asked her salon for just that. I would probably make someone sign a disclaimer that they weren’t going to sue me before making these guys, but hey that’s just me, I get seasick easily. Hope she loves them.

ocean waves

Cat Lover

Love animals? Especially cats? Have a cat or seven at home? Have we got the eyebrow design for you. Why have boring old normal eyebrows when you can paint sleeping furry felines above your specs, a huge conversation starter, and a constant reminder every time you look into a mirror of how much you just love all things cat related. Or yknow, be normal and just buy a calendar like the rest of us.

Cat lover


It’s a fix! This guy didn’t do anything wrong. He shouldn’t be in prison. Was I there? Do I know who the real culprit is? Nope and nope. But I know that this guy can’t possibly be guilty of whatever he was arrested and locked up for, because his eyebrows told me so. And eyebrows never lie, that’s what this guys tattoo artist told him anyway. At least he doesn’t need to get into the whole conversation every time he meets a new con.

convict eyebrows

Just Don’t

Everyone knows the famous tagline of sports brand Nike, Just Do It. But in this case, she really shouldn’t have done. Painting her eyebrows like Nike signs is a bad idea anyway, but did she forget that this is what they would look like in photos? Backwards, and kind of… evil? She doesn’t look too happy so maybe she’s realized her mistake now. Or maybe she wishes she had gone for Adidas? Who knows.

Just Dont

An Heir and a Spare

What a big grin for someone who has invented a fashion and beauty trend that no one in their right mind would ever think of! This woman loves her regular eyebrows so much, that she has created an extra one, right in the middle of her forehead, in case she ever needs it. Smart, then if someone steals one of your eyebrows, you know exactly where to find a replacement. We wish we had thought of it first.


Shock Horror

It could be the wide eyed eye make up that this lady is sporting, but we also think her shocked expression has something to do with the fact that someone has removed her eyebrows and then replaced them about two inches further up her head than they were the last time she looked. Oh my goodness! Who could have done that without me noticing! She is saying. We agree, it’s a heinous crime, and we didn’t see anyone, we promise.


IRain Rain Go Away

We’ve all been missing a trick. We don’t need to have regular eyebrows in blonde or brown, like we’ve all been doing for years. That’s boring, that’s ordinary. We can have anything we like, but let’s keep to the general shape. Hm, what should we choose. Not a banana… not a moon… how about a rainbow? That will look super awesome and not at all strange. Something’s missing though. What goes with rainbows? Oh! A cloud!

Rainbows eyebrows

Oh Really?

Another trick we’ve been missing for years, who says your brows have to be identical twins? In fact, who says you need two eyebrows at all? If you just opt for one, it can make so much more of a statement after all, looking really striking right in the middle of your face. Also, make it bigger. AND CURLIER. Perfect, you’re owning that look. Mainly because no one else in their right mind would want it, but hey.

Oh really eyebrows

Side Brow

You’ve heard of Sideburns, well introducing…. The side brow! This guy loves his eyebrows so much that he’s grown it all the way down his face, in some kind of weird, fifties werewolf style. We’re actually a but impressed with this one, as it’s not immediately obvious how he did it. Impressed, but not attracted, lets make that distinction extremely clear right away. He needs to lose the side brow, it’s not a great look.


I Don’t Beleaf it!

From the look on this womans face, she might have realized that this wasn’t the best idea, probably at some point after shaving her eyebrows off, but not quite before she finished drawing on these leaves. Are they a symbol for the holiday season? An environmental statement? Does she just love trees? Who knows, but if her friends don’t make fun of her for this huge mistake, they probably aren’t really her friends.

Beleaf it

A Painful Mistake

Ouch. It hurts to even look at these, so we can’t bring ourselves to make too many jokes at this poor girls expense. It could be that she used a new type of make up or cream, or perhaps she was trying to dye them for a costume or to make them lighter. Either way, whatever she used seems to have burnt her skin, and from the looks of her puffed up face, given her a serious allergic reaction too. Feel better soon!

Painful mistake

The Natural Look

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how much make up to put on to achieve the natural look. Just a little eyeliner, mascara, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, blusher, bronzer, lipstick, lipliner… yknow.. the essentials. Oh it’s so hard to know, and we wouldn’t want to overdo it. Well we could always ask this woman for tips, she seems to have it down perfectly. Except for, well, everything on her face.

The Natural Look

Parting Ways

At first glance, this looks normal, and then you notice the monumental gap between this girls brows. Of course, no one likes a unibrow, but this is like the opposite of that. Has she accidentally shaved off too much in the middle, or does she think this is a cool style? It kind of looks like her brows are having an argument, and running as far away as they can from one another. Yikes. We hope they make up soon!

Parting ways

Come Together

In contrast to the last lady, this could almost be a unibrow, if not for that tiny sliver in the middle keeping these two brows instead of one. She actually looks pretty fierce, and looks like she knew exactly what she was doing when she drew on these eyebrows on top of her own. Seeing as they are easily washed off with make up remover, and she appears to be pretty normal in the rest of her make up, we’re gonna give her a pass and say nice work.

come together eyebrows

Pointy Pointy

This looks like a teacher to us, or maybe even a principal of a school. If that’s the case, then we totes know why she decided to go for this pointy look. She probably spent all day telling off kids and looking angry, but was worried about all those frown lines. This way, she can achieve the same threatening glare which keeps the students in line, but doesn’t have to stock up on the Nivea wrinkle cream. We’re actually pretty impressed with our detective skills.

pointy brows

Double the Fun

Why have one set of eyebrows, when you could have two? And hey, why have two, when you could paint another set on your eyelids, and one underneath as well? This woman knows what she wants, and that’s clearly one of the strangest looks we’ve ever seen, making her who0le face into some kind of homage to brows, and quite the optical illusion! She also appears to have given herself a serious trout pout. To each their own!

Double the Fun

Mini Me

This one was probably not intentional, seeing as her real eyebrows appear to have been plucked to within an inch of her life. The interesting thing is that with her blonde hair, she probably could have gotten away without much of an eyebrow to go with it, but instead she has chosen to draw on the teeniest little fake brows you could imagine, in small little arches on her forehead. She looks like she’s counting the days until they grow back, and we agree!

Mini me


This girl has eyeliner which is so on point we’re getting cut by it. But when it comes to the eyebrows, there’s something weird going on. She appears to have fashioned them to complement her cats eye eye make up, into her very own cats ears, right above them. But this can’t be the style she wants as a permanent solution now can it? Unless she’s a really big fan of cats, or just has some weird fetish that we don’t know about.



This kind of looks like she rubbed her face a little too hard and her eyebrows have been disjointed, moving them into a slanty position between her eyes. Unless the livid look is what she was going for, there have been some huge miscommunications at the beauty salon for this lady, and we’re not sure if there’s anything she can do to fix it! No wonder she looks a little put out by the situation, or is that just the brows talking?

whoops eyebrows

Aint no Mountain High Enough

Apparently, this was done on purpose. No seriously. I know. This woman wanted to show her love for the sea, including surfing, surfboards, and all things water related, so she decided to go for some vicious looking waves. To us, they look more like gentle mountains, but hey, maybe you need to be insane in order to see it properly. She looks pleased as punch, so girl, you know what? You do you.

Aint no Mountain

Big and Bold

Huge bold eyebrows are the latest big thing in the fashion world, and some people will even say the bigger the better. We bet you’re looking at a woman right now who believes in that mantra, as she has drawn on quite the biggest, most frightening pair of eyebrows we’ve ever seen. Her eye make up is super cool, and we’re loving that purple shadow, but maybe she should calm down the brows just a little before leaving the house.

Big and Bold

Straight Brows

These almost look like they’re photoshopped on, like with the straight line tool that comes with Paint? But apparently not, this woman decided that curved eyebrows were passe, they were overdone and everyone had them. Not for her, oh no! She decided that she would try out something different, and chose totally straight eyebrows in place of them. It’s definitely a conversation starter anyway, but we wouldn’t say we like it.

straight brows

I’m Loving It

What do you think of the moment you see this woman and her brows? Come on, admit it. It’s a huge cheeseburger and fries, plus maybe some packets of ketchup and a strawberry milkshake to wash it all down. This crazy lady has chosen the McDonalds sign for her forehead! We sure hope that they are paying her some kind of advertising fee, because she’s kind of ruined her face for this statement on fast food.

I'm loving it

Feather Brows

We’ve heard of hair being feathered, to give it that light look around your face, but these are the first feathered eyebrows we’ve seen, and it means something slightly different here! This woman is looking all pensively away from the camera, could she be wondering why she has done this weird look to her eyebrows? One row would be bad enough, but she’s chosen to repeat it twice, making her face look just bizarre.

Feather brows

Dot Dot Dot

I feel like these eyebrows are telling us they are to be continued, as the ellipsis on the ends of them would suggest. Maybe the thing we’re waiting to hear is why on earth anyone would do this to their eyebrows? She certainly doesn’t look too pleased with the end result, and we have to say that if we looked in the mirror at the salon and saw these, we also wouldn’t be exactly grinning from ear to ear until it was sorted.

Dot dot dot

Pink Brows

This weird trend is actually going quite viral, and if you take a look on Instagram you’ll see that many people consider it the height of cool to dye your eyebrows pink or purple. There are also some other colors like green or orange, but the key is-bright! The truth is, we can see what they mean, but for many people it’s still considered an absolute fail, and encourages people to ask, “does the carpet match the drapes” in a way that no one wants. Let’s be real.

Pink brows

Grass look

Despite being dressed up for a costume party or something, we think these eyebrows aren’t part of the costume. They sort of look like long grass, when it hasn’t been cut in a while, and we think she should consider getting the lawnmower out! It definitely doesn’t help that she has this ghostly make up on, but she looks pretty pleased with herself, so maybe the whole look is one that she was going for in the first place.



It’s not so much the eyebrows here, as what she has done to them! With seven piercings in each eyebrow, that’s got to be a weird feeling. I wonder if she got them all done at once, or just couldn’t stop once she started? The look kind of gives her a spring sort of image, and we don’t mean the season’s catwalk trends. It’s definitely original, and ff she’s going for the curtain rail look, she’s totally nailed it. I mean, pierced it.


Christmas Tree Brows

Tis the season to be jolly… on my face… all the time! This woman seriously loves the holiday season, and has created jolly bright and sparkly Christmas trees on her face. If of course, you don’t mind tilting your head to the side and getting a crick in your neck. For someone with so much holiday cheer she doesn’t look too happy. Maybe she’s seen what an idiot she looks like with those eyebrows on her face.

Christmas Tree brows

Shaved Brow

All the cool guys have girlfriends, why don’t I have a girlfriend? This guy wondered. Then he noticed a trend. A ton of the cool guys have shaved a line through their eyebrow, I could definitely do that! But hey, just one line wasn’t going to get him noticed, he decided to go even further to attract attention. And hey, in his defence, it probably worked. It just likely wasn’t the kind of attention he was looking for.

shaved brow

Green Goblin

So you’ve dyed your hair green, and you love the way it looks. And you got yourself some cool green eyeshadow to complement it, and you’ve pretty much completed the punk look. It looks fierce with your piercings, and you can’t stop getting compliments. But your darn eyebrows, they’re just so… normal. That’s not your look! Hey, just shave them off and draw on some green ones! Perfect. (Disclaimer: It isn’t perfect.)

green hair

Sports Fan

Youtube personality, Jenna Marbles, decided that she no longer wanted her eyebrows to hold her back from having whatever she wants on her face. So she decided to shave them off completely and begin making designs. This is her choosing to mold her eyebrows into the Adidas signs, complete with the YZY Yeezy initials right there in the middle. We can’t say they look good exactly, but they do look interesting.

sports fan

Dyed Pink

Ok, we admit it. We actually love these. They look awesome with her hair, her eye make up is perfect, and she has kept a normal shape. Here’s how to make a statement with your brows without living to regret it as soon as you look in the mirror. Can whoever is in charge of eyebrow standing ovations please sort one out for this girl? Cause she hella deserves it, and we’re ready and waiting. Woop woop!

Dyed pink

Duct Tape

We call this the Duct Tape look, and if you don’t get it, then you just obviously aren’t cool enough. She probably started out just trying to give herself some nice bold eyebrows, and then realized they were uneven. Ok, well you can just make the other one bigger to match, she thought. Oh dear, now the other one needs touching up. Seventeen months later, here we are, and they are finally even. Great solution, nailed it.

duct tape

Glitter Brows

While the eyebrows themselves are pretty normal, the thin line of glitter that she’s managed to attach to the bottoms is sort of strange, especially considering she isn’t wearing any other make up at all. Maybe it’s the first thing she does before she starts pimping the rest of her look, or maybe she just likes to help her brows stand out from the rest of her face. Who knows, we wouldn’t exactly say the look is going to catch on, though.

glitter brows

Au naturel

There is nothing quite like the all-natural makeup look; it’s a personal favorite of ours. The key to pulling it off is barely there foundation, a tiny bit of mascara, and a sweep of an eyebrow pencil to pull it all together. This lady clearly didn’t want to follow the golden rules of natural makeup, opting to go totally the other way instead. Each to their own, but we wonder what Bobbi Brown would have to say about this look.

A woman with very orange foundation, lots of eyeliner and lipstick, plus thick drawn on eyebrows

Drawing in the dark

We know that really thin eyebrows used to be all the trend in the early noughties, but it died a death (for good reason). Not only has this woman not let the thin eyebrow trend die, but it also seems as though she drew them in the dark with a very shaky hand. If you’re going to do thin eyebrows, at least try and keep them shaped and not wobbling about all over the place. Eeesh!

A woman is pictured with very thin and wobbly eyebrows drawn on

Swooping curves

Okay, we’re going to hand it to this woman as we totally envy her eyeliner flick and her eye makeup is pretty out there. While she may be going for the big and bold look, we’re not entirely sure how we feel about the eyebrows being painted on in such a swooping way. We have a feeling it took her ages to get them both to look the same, too. They look a bit like Captain Hook’s hook.

A woman is pictured with heavy eye makeup and swooping, curvy eyebrows painted on

One big mess

We don’t even know where to start with this whole picture. We can kind of see what she was trying to do with the eyeshadow, as two colors are the in-thing right now. However, it hasn’t been blended in at all, and then we get to the eyebrows. You can actually see her natural brows underneath, which look totally amazing, so why has she drawn these monstrosities over the top? We have no words, other than it’s a total mess….

A woman is pictured with messy eye makeup and wonky eyebrows penciled on

I promise, I just slipped

There is only one explanation for these eyebrows. Whoever drew them on must have slipped on a banana peel halfway through doing them. It’s the only reason we can think of, that would explain why these are so bad! Especially the right-hand one. Someone actually posted this on their own Instagram to share with the world. Make of that what you will, but if we had these eyebrows, we would want to hide them from everyone.

Someone is pictured with two uneven eyebrows, one with a massive squiggle in the middle

Actual tadpoles

Are these eyebrows on this woman’s face or are they actually tadpoles? We have zoomed in, compared photos of real tadpoles (and real eyebrows), and scratched our heads for half an hour, and we’re still not sure! We are totally digging the rest of this emo chick’s look, but we just can’t help but wonder what made her decide to draw her eyebrows on like tadpoles. Maybe it was some kind of art project? That’s the only thing we can think of!

A woman is pictured with eyebrows painted on in the shape of tadpoles

Crazy baby

Okay, so we totally love this photo! It seems as though someone has got a real sense of humor when it comes to bringing up their little one. In fact, painting eyebrows on babies should be some rite of passage for all new parents, because it is so darn hilarious. This baby looks a bit like a crazy professor who has just had their very first ‘Eureka’ moment. We would say this is more of an eyebrow win than an eyebrow fail!

A baby is pictured with eyebrows drawn on in a manic shape, making the baby look hilarious

Always surprised

If you ever met this woman, you might be forgiven for thinking she was totally surprised at everything you said. Tell her your name; she seems surprised. Tell her where you’re from, again she’s surprised. Either this woman is seriously easy to impress, or she has drawn her eyebrows on in such a way that she just seems permanently surprised. Don’t even get us started with the green in this photo either. Green top, green eyeshadow, so much green!

A woman wearing a lot of green makeup and clothes has eyebrows drawn on that make her look surprised

All the lines

We know that this woman is trying to go for the whole hipster vibes (the hair, the glasses, the moody look into the distance), but she should have stopped right there. Instead, she decided to go one step further and draw on the thinnest eyebrows the world has ever seen! It also seems as though she has used her eyebrow pencil to line her lips too. We don’t even know what to say about this whole thing.

A woman in glasses has very thin eyebrows penciled on and dark lip liner to match her brows

Another Nike fan

It seems as though there is a trending theme going on when it comes to eyebrow fails, and it’s all thanks to Nike. Perhaps this guy is the boyfriend of the woman with the Nike tick eyebrows? Actually, when doing some research, we found out that Nike tick eyebrows were legitimately a bit of a trend that tried to happen, but never did. Thank goodness it never caught on, we like our eyebrows as they are thanks!

A man with eyebrows that have been turned into Nike ticks

Pretty in pink

Whatever happened to the whole emo vibe? Backcombing the hair, wearing thick eyeliner, and taking Myspace photos from up high (like, the original selfies). This emo gal is totally rocking her own unique look, taking inspiration from Barbie by adding in some pink. We love the pink bow in her hair, but we’re not sold on the pink eyebrows. Especially because they are so high up! Reminds us a little bit of Chuckie… Anyone else get that?

A girl in emo makeup and clothes is pictured with pink eyebrows that are penciled on very high

Texas Made

There is nothing wrong with being proud of where you come from! J-Lo is just Jenny from the Block, after all. However, there are certain ways of showing off your heritage, and this certainly isn’t the best way to do it. With a growing trend of tattooing on eyebrows, we have a feeling this won’t be the weirdest eyebrow tattoo we ever see. However, it is certainly up there with some of the best. Or worst? Depends on which way you look at it.

A man is pictured with eyebrows tattooed on that say ‘Texas Made’

On the straight and narrow

We have seen a couple of people by now who haven’t got the message that eyebrows are supposed to have a natural curve to them. Or perhaps they’ve just taken inspiration from Cara Delevingne and got it wrong? Either way, straight and thin eyebrows are not the way to go! Paired with the eye makeup and pink pout, and this is totally not working for us. We hope she has since learned how to shape eyebrows.

A woman is pictured with pink makeup and extremely thin and straight eyebrows drawn on


We’re all for the odd tribal tattoo, don’t get us wrong, but these eyebrows are something else! In fact, this whole look is somewhat otherworldly – or perhaps even warrior like. The blue eyebrows, complete with dots and a spiders web for good measure are just the tip of the iceberg. All we really want to know is if she drew these on or if this is tattooed on her face. Permanently. We’re really hoping it’s not the latter.

A woman is pictured with blue eyebrows and what look like facial tattoos

All in one

Here’s an interesting riddle for you. Where does this man’s eyebrows start and his hair finish? What about his beard? Is that all part of it too? And how did he get his hair to do that squiggly thing he’s got going on? The hair and beard would be bad enough alone, but add it to the total eyebrow fail, and you have one epic look going on right here. No wonder the guy looks so confused – he’s just looked in the mirror.

A man is pictured with funny, squiggly hair, an odd beard, and really strange eyebrows

Keeping it together

Remember the time when unibrows weren’t cool? Well, it seems as though this woman is trying to make unibrows happen (like when Gretchen Wieners tried to make “fetch” happen). Although we think the eyebrows are massive fails, we do kind of dig her mystique, belly dancer type vibe. Although we’re not sure how many belly dancers have just one eyebrow. She’s also done the ‘line your lips with your eyebrow pencil’ thing. Please stop doing this everyone!

A woman is pictured with a unibrow drawn on and dark lip liner lining her lips


The caption that goes with this Instagram photo is, “Please don’t shave your eyebrows!” So we can only assume what has happened here… Although, if you do shave them off by accident then we would recommend at least trying to draw them on as they were before. Instead, this ‘artist’ has decided to create some kind of s-shaped brow with what looks like crayon. And what’s with the highlighter underneath? Don’t highlight these, hide them away until the grow back again!

A face is pictured with eyebrows shaved off, and in their place, the person has drawn them back in an s-shape

Bigger the better

If you’re a fan of UK fashion trends, then chances are you have heard of ‘scouse brows.’ This trend, which started in Liverpool and has since grown so that even Kate Middleton has tried out a scouse brow, says that eyebrows are better when they’re bigger. However, we tend to disagree. Just one look at this scouse brow gone wrong and you’ll agree that it isn’t always the bigger, the better. Wash this off and start again, pretty please.

A girl is pictured with huge drawn on eyebrows, known as a scouse brow in the UK

Getting eggy

We really, really, really don’t want to laugh at this picture but we just can’t help ourselves. Even catching it out of the corner of our eye makes us crack up again. What on earth is going on?! The thick eyeliner, the pout, and the drawn-on, bushy eyebrows all make for one seriously hilarious picture. We think it is just completed by the look of sheer annoyance on their face too. Why so serious? You look…uh… wonderful!

A person with a bald head is pouting to the camera with thick, drawn-on eyebrows

Must dash

We have a couple of ideas as to what this person was thinking of when they drew these eyebrows on. However, we’re totally torn between the handlebars of a bicycle or a mustache. It could also be some kind of devil horns. As we said, we’re full of ideas. What we can’t quite work out is why someone would want to create this shape on their own forehead? Please put your answers on a postcard as we are stumped.

A person is pictured with eyebrows drawn on in the shape of handlebars or a mustache

Meeting in the middle

There are three distinct things that are very wrong with these eyebrows. The first is how thin they are (we’ve already established that trend died in the noughties). The second is that they are so very, very straight. We can see an attempt of a curve in there, but seriously, no eyebrows look like that. Thirdly, why are they so close together?! Maybe they’re trying to meet in the middle! This is a total three-way eyebrow disaster.

A woman is pictured with very thin, straight eyebrows that almost meet in the middle

The whole head

This guy decided he didn’t just want to pencil on some eyebrows for himself. Oh no. He was going to go the whole hog. Instead of just penciling on eyebrows, he has also given himself a fancy beard, mustache, soul patch, and a full head of hair. If he was worried about not having any hair, he should have perhaps considered hair replacement before attacking his face with an eyebrow pencil. There’s just no telling some people. Seriously.

A man is pictured with drawn on eyebrows, facial hair and head hair

Spider lashes, slug brows

We’re really, really hoping that this was some kind of joke or dare. This young lady, who looks like she could be YouTube famous, has pretty much everything else going for her. The hair is cool, the foundation is on point, and she’s even got the pout down. We just can’t for the life of us work out why she has done this with her eyebrows… Or her eyelashes for that matter. Maybe she was vlogging on how NOT to do eyebrows?

A woman is pictured with extremely thick eyebrows that have been drawn on

Sack the surgeon

Wow. Just wow. Do we really have to say anything about this picture? We’re going to start with the eyebrows because this is an eyebrow fails post. They’re thick, they’re wonky, they’re dark, they’re just all wrong. And we’re hoping they’re not tattooed on permanently! We then have to move on to the small (ahem) matter of the lips. Please sack your surgeon, pronto. This is really not a good look; we’re just hoping nothing was permanent.

A person is pictured with extremely thick eyebrows and giant lips

Cuteness overload

Okay, so we’re back to the babies. As soon as we went down that rabbit hole of cute babies with eyebrows, we just couldn’t get back out. Seriously, search baby eyebrows, and you’ll be lost forever. We bring you not one, but two, adorably cheeky looking babies with eyebrows painted on. The parents of these cute little bubbas definitely deserve awards for turning their angels into demonic looking psychopaths. When we have babies, the first thing we’re going to do is give them eyebrows.

Two babies are pictured with crazy eyebrows drawn on, giving them a comical look

Like mother, like daughter

A lot of women look forward to the day when they have a little girl that they can dress up to look just like them. However, if you’re planning on doing this then you best start them young, because they’ll rebel (and certainly not want to look like their mom) when they grow up. This mom is desperate for her daughter to become a ‘mini-me’ complete with Instagram brows and glossy pink lipstick. Um. Okay then.

An image showing a mother and daughter with matching makeup including painted on eyebrows

Odd one out

Your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins, say some Instagram celebrities in pink quote boxes. Turns out these eyebrows aren’t even friends! Perhaps she wasn’t sure if she wanted to rock the au natural look or the Cara Delevingne, so is going for one of each. Like when you can’t decide which shoes you want to wear so you try one of each in the mirror? That’s the only reason we can think of for this really strange look.

A woman with one very black, painted on eyebrow and the other one natural

Super unibrow

We are big fans of the unibrow fails, not gonna lie! There is just something so comical about people drawing their eyebrows on as one. It’s even more comical if the unibrow isn’t drawn on and it’s just natural (which we’re pretty sure this is). We do feel a bit mean, however, as she looks so happy with her whole look so we’re just going to say “Good job” and step away… Giggling, a bit. We’re mean, we know.

A smiling woman is pictured with one long eyebrow, also known as a unibrow or monobrow

You missed

The first rule of drawing your eyebrows on is to follow the natural eyebrow, unless you’re a Drag Queen in which case cover the original and draw them on higher. However, leaving the original brow and then penciling in black lines, seemingly randomly, on top is something you should never, ever do. The worst thing is that this was seen in an edition of Vogue so you know some fashion la-de-da thinks this is cool. Eugh, make it stop.

A fashion model is pictured with eyebrows penciled on higher up than her natural eyebrows

Selfie time

We can tell that this girl takes pride in her appearance and probably has about 4 million selfies in her phone (just an educated guess). However, perhaps it’s time she went back to beauty school and learned a little bit about eyebrows. For those who don’t know, the eyebrow should finish in line with your tear duct for a more natural look. We feel like she’s trying to channel her inner Kim K, but even she wouldn’t draw her eyebrows so close together.

A woman is pictured with nice makeup but her eyebrows are drawn on too close together

Great look

By the redness around her eyebrows, we have a horrible, foreboding feeling that this woman has just had her eyebrows tattooed on. Please, stop with this trend! Unless you’re going to pay thousands of dollars to get it done by a professional (and even then, it still looks a bit odd) then don’t hand over any of your savings to someone with a tattoo needle. This whole look is just not doing anything for us, and the eyebrows are the cherry on top. Sorry!

A woman is pictured with really red, sore eyebrows like they have just been tattooed on

And pose

We’re willing to bet this girl has a popular YouTube channel and an Instagram with more than 3 followers (we have our mom, our sister and some random man called Chad who likes everything we post). And we’re hoping that means she’s just showing off how not to do eyebrows or trying out the McDonald’s trend that was swiftly squashed, thankfully. Either way, we can’t stop laughing at her eyebrows and how proud of them she looks. Strike a pose!

A pretty girl is shown with perfect makeup but McDonald’s arches style eyebrows

Hair today, gone tomorrow

In recent years, fuller brows have really come into fashion. You just have to look at the likes of Cara Delevingne and her bushy brows to know that. However, it seems as though this person took the Cara look a little too far – and we have a few questions that we would like to be answered. How the heck did he grow his eyebrows that long?! Has he gelled them to stand up like that? When is he going to get them plucked?

A man has extremely long eyebrows that have been gelled onto his forehead

Pretty in pink

We do really have to admire this lady and her fondness for pink. After all, she’s wearing a pink sweater, dyed her hair pink, and even got pink eyebrows (if you can call them that). While we hope she hasn’t done anything too serious to be taking this mugshot, we are a little more concerned about the fact that her eyebrows are so far up her head, so darn straight, and so incredibly thin! Whatever floats your boat, lady.

A woman has pink eyebrows that are incredibly thin and straight, in the middle of her forehead