Awkward Vacation Photos


Stingray Photobomb

Posing in the sea is always going to be risky, as you never know what weird and wonderful wildlife might be keeping you company! These three women just wanted a vacation snap of themselves enjoying the sand and see, and never dreamed that a stingray might be popping in to get camera happy himself! The look on their faces says it all, and this photo will definitely be one for the memory books! Makes you think twice about that dip in the ocean.

stingray photobomb

Friendly Ostrich

When you’re driving through a wildlife park or a safari park, you’re often asked to keep your windows firmly shut, especially when you’re driving through enclosures which may have dangerous animals in. A general rule of thumb is also to keep all open food packets away and out of sight. This woman was holding animal feed, and has an open window to her vehicle, but still seems somewhat surprised that she’s attracted a friend!

Ostrich Attack

Marry Me

A proposal is always special, and this woman is clearly surprised that her boyfriend has chosen this moment to pop that wonderful once in a lifetime question. She will never get to repeat this moment, so it makes it kind of hilarious that a hippo has joined them for posterity! Check him out, cheekily poking his head into the snap. Seeing as these two love animals enough to get engaged at the zoo, they might be happy with their engagement shot!

Marry Me Hippo

The Flying Photobomber

These two loved up vacationers clearly have no idea the lengths that some people will go to, in order to ruin a photo! They have asked a friend or a passer by to take their photo, and posed happily in the pool for a perfect snap of their trip together. At the exact right moment, this guy has leapt into the background, ruining the photo, but creating one of the coolest, most perfectly timed photo bombs of all time. We have to be impressed!

Flying Photobomb

The Pisa Pushover

Posed holiday photos can be kind of cheesy, but we like this one! The effort that she has gone to, to get it just right, including having her friends lift her carefully into the perfect position, shows that we should give her a round of applause rather than call her attempt a bit lame. It looks exactly like she is kicking over one of the great wonders of the world, the leaning tower of Pisa. We bet she was delighted with the finished effect.

The Pisa Pushover vacation pic

Lovers of Liberty

This family are on their way to see a famous American landmark, can you guess what it is? They have obviously never seen the statue before, as they have tourists written all over them, from their novelty crowns, to the camera’s glued to their faces. It’s kind of hilarious watching them all take photos of the exact same thing, can’t they just choose one person to take photos and send them later in a group WhatsApp? That’s obviously too sensible!

Liberty boat vacation pic

Crocodile Cuddle

Apparently, the star of this photo grew up around reptiles, and had held crocodiles before under the supervision of animal handlers. She clearly wasn’t quite bright enough to realise that there’s a difference between tame animals which are in an animal center, and the wild ones you might find in the sea! The look on her face says it all, and this baby croc was not looking for a gentle cuddle here. We hope she got to a hospital quickly.

Baby croc

The Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is meant to give you great talking skills, making sure that you have the smooth patter of a charmer, if only you kiss the stone itself. Here is one person being helped to lean all the way backwards to reach the stone, which has been kissed by hundreds of thousands of people in the past. A germaphobe’s nightmare, but at least he didn’t fall over I suppose. Superstition is a really funny thing when you think about it.

Blarney Stone

Driver Ruins the Moment

Riding horseback is a romantic adventure fantasy for many couples, and so is frolicking in the sea. This couple managed to achieve both at the same time, having a smooch in the waves while riding some beautiful animals. Unfortunately, the memory might not be as perfect as the event itself, as their driver has popped his head in, quite literally, to ruin their memento of their date. We hope they noticed him and did a retake!

Driver ruining photo

“Jet lag”

Social Media is a funny old place, with many people bragging about their perfect lives, uploading photos of vacations and trips abroad, hoping for likes and comments. This girl clearly took it a step too far, photoshopping herself into a photo with the Eiffel tower! When she was asked about the photo, she came up with a hilarious reason why she actually only has half her body in the photo with her… Jet lag! Who knew tiredness could make you disappear eh?

Jet lag eiffel tower

It’s a Hold Up

I can’t stop laughing at this hilarious photo! These two want to recreate the overdone and yet obligatory “we’re holding up the Tower of Pisa” pic, which many people like to take when they visit the landmark. But they’ve kind of misjudged where they should be standing! What’s really hilarious is that whoever they have chosen to take the photo has opted out of telling them the truth, instead taking the photo and making them look crazy!

Holding up tower of pisa fail

The Happiest Place on Earth

Nope, it isn’t Disneyland, it’s South Dakota! These guys must have been chosen to be the official postcard for the state, as they look so darn excited to be there. Why did they bother getting out of the car to take a photo if they are so miserable about being there?! Or maybe we have it wrong, and they had such a good time, that they can’t bear to leave! It actually reminds me of a horror movie family, so maybe they better get a move on outta’ there!

South Dakota vacation photo

The Rise of the Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are now seen on every street corner, but back in the day, it was pretty strange to see someone taking their own photo while out and about. This woman may have planned a whole day out with a friend or a spouse who is now struck down ill, but she isn’t going to let that get in the way of her tourist snapshots! She headed out on the town, selfie stick in hand, and aint gonna let anything stop her!

Selfie Stick

How ‘bout That Ink

You certainly can’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to human beings. This woman does not look like the type to have any tattoo at all, let alone one of legendary rapper Tupac. But that’s exactly what we’re seeing when she rolls up her sleeve! Underneath the tattoo she has the slogan “Keepin’ it Real” and she certainly is! I wonder whether her kids know about this tattoo, and what they think about their cool mom!

Tupac Tattoo vacation pic

Matching Photo

Oh dear. You can’t choose your parents, so it isn’t these kids fault that they have the type who think it’s a great idea to dress in identical outfits, including crazy 4th of July hats and pose for a family photo. On the one hand, you won’t lose your family when you’re vacationing, but on the other hand, you look awful! Maybe at least try for a trendier outfit next time Mom and Dad. Everyone looks pretty happy, but this photo is not going to age well with time.

Matching photo

A Prize Catch

I caught a fish that was thiiiiiiis big. This dad clearly thinks he’s hilarious, using his kid as a prop for a photo before the family head out on a fishing trip. The older brother on the bottom left also seems to think it’s pretty funny, or maybe he’s just pleased it isn’t him strung up by a life jacket. Either way, this dad doesn’t exactly win parent of the year award today for humiliating his kid this way, and the kid looks like he’s had about enough, too.

prize catch vacation photo

Dolphin Terror

When we take our kids to the aquarium, we always remember to charge up our phones and cameras so we can get some adorable pics for the family album. But our kids don’t always co-operate! This family have set the scene perfectly, giving their toddler an upside down bucket to sit on as a stool, and coaxing the dolphin on display into the photo. But even though there is a glass panel between them, the child is terrified! Not exactly a frame-worthy photo.

dolphin and little girl photo

Anything for the Shot

I’d love to know what this guy was walking past when he realised he absolutely had to have a photo. Not caring who was watching, he got to his knees for the perfect angle, twisted himself into the right shape, and got snap happy. As it’s one of those old style cameras where you had to really concentrate up close, he might not have noticed his own compromising position, or the fact that he has someone making him the object of a shoot, too.

Anything for the Shot

Tourist Attraction

Sometimes we book a vacation and we don’t bother to check to see what highlights there are for tourists to visit while we’re there. Sure that there will be a museum or two, or perhaps some kind of theme park, we just go ahead and press book. This guy got fooled that way, and when he arrived he realised that the landmarks and tourist spots were kind of at a bare minimum. At least he gets another item for his “garbage from abroad” album.

Tourist Attraction

The Most Miserable Place on Earth

Disneyland is most kids dream come true, but this family looks like they’re living a nightmare! They couldn’t even manage to summon up a fake smile for the photo, or we wonder whether whoever is taking it forgot to remind them to say cheese! Whether it’s a lack of fast passes, miserable weather, or some kind of family feud which has led to these faces, this is clearly not a successful family vacation for these guys!

The Most Miserable Place on Earth

Highway Stroll

This spot looks like the perfect place for a photo shoot right? Wrong. What on earth came over these guys that they just had to get a photo of exit 83A towards Fletcher Ave? Maybe their name is Fletcher… or maybe they ran out of gas and decided to make the most of a bad situation! They don’t look particularly happy to be out on the side of the highway, and we suggest they just get back in the car and head towards their destination.

Highway Stroll vacation photo

Polar Selfie

If you haven’t got a family photo with a Polar bear and a bunch of ice picks, are you even a family? These guys have gone somewhere cool in more ways than one, and managed to get themselves a semi-decent family selfie, with uncle Polar Bear looking happy in the background, too. While it’s a dated pic, it actually looks pretty good, and shows that they have ha a fun day out. Not sure why Dad felt the need to be so smart though. Chill out, Dad!

Polar Bear selfie vacation photo

Horse Box

You have to laugh at the look on this kids face, as a horse makes his appearance into his car. The kid is clearly horrified, as the horse not just leans in, but also opens his mouth, showing off those gigantic teeth! Could there be food open in the backseat of the car, or maybe the horse just wanted to say a quick hi! Either way, it’s a lesson not to leave your car windows open while there are animals around! Luckily horses are usually pretty friendly.

Horse Box

Ambulance Selfie

Nothing says grab your camera like some EMT’s heading to save someone’s life. This Mom clearly thought this was a Kodak moment, cuddling up to her kids for a photo when she saw the medical emergency going down behind her. We can’t explain it, there’s nothing else in the background which needs capturing on film, unless of course she has a weird need to remember those payphones for posterity. It takes all sorts.

Ambulance Selfie

Watch the Baby

We assume this is one family having a vacation snap taken, but the man and woman don’t seem to know each other too well. She could get a little closer, make it look a bit more friendly, but perhaps they want to get that boat zooming past in the background. We think they should be watching their baby a little more closely, as he looks about ready to jump into those waters, and that would not be worth it for the sake of a holiday snap.

Watch the Baby

Nailed It

Some photographers like to try out fun poses with the family shoots they do, and one which is increasingly popular is where the whole family holds hands and jumps in unison into the air. The camera shutter goes off, and you get a cool photo of the whole family mid-jump. This family have nailed it, showing that you totally don’t need a professional photographer for that kind of shot, unless of course, you want it to look good.

jumping family photo vacation fail

Head over Heels

Don’t call us skeptics, but we have a feeling that this photo is not completely as it seems. Could it be that the dad is buried in sand up to the neck, and the woman is holding her head at an awkward downwards angle? Or are we being unfair, and this headless woman has found the perfect match in a body-less match. They do say that there is someone out there for everyone, so maybe these two were made for one another!

Head over Heels

Awkward Xmas

Choosing the perfect pose for the Christmas card isn’t always easy, but we really think that this family have hit the nail on the head. If what they were aiming for was “most awkward family photo of all time” that is. The kids look gorgeous in their pyjamas, the Mom is smiling beautifully… and the dad is lying naked behind them. I suppose it could have been more awkward, if the Mom was sitting less centrally. Either way, it’s not what we want in our mail box.

awkward xmas vacation photo

Sombrero Delight

“Wear the sombrero” she said. “It will be fun” she said. The kids didn’t agree, and this photo is hardly one for the mantlepiece. Maybe next time do it first thing in the morning while they have energy and are excited about the day ahead, not when it looks like they should be in bed. Also, lose those awful fanny packs. This photo has 90’s chic written all over it, and screams of an era where we didn’t have digital cameras.

Sombrero Delight

What a Load of…

Ah a gigantic bull statue! I know what the perfect photo pose will be… I’ll just stick my head right up here! We have no idea what this guy was thinking, but it doesn’t make for a great photo. Next time may we suggest holding a red piece of clothing up in front of it’s head, or even pretending to run away from it as it fake charges in your direction. Both of those would be better ideas than this weird and wonderful photo memory.

What a Load of...

Splash Attack

Posed photos where everyone is smiling are so passé. What’s really cool is a photo of your nearest and dearest all screaming in fright, being splashed head to toe by an unexpected wave! A smiling happy photo in the surf might have got forgotten in minutes, but this one is something they can treasure for a lifetime, and has even helped them go viral! Our fave is the dad’s face, trying to stay strong for his wife and kids!

splash family selfie

Think About It

It’s the worst when we forget to take photos of a great day out, or a trip abroad. This woman doesn’t need to worry about that though, she appears to be on it, taking photos of all the important bits, time spent with friends and family, seeing the sights, and er… just walking around thinking. Here she is, in that memorable moment, walking, and umm, contemplating life. Phew, thank goodness she won’t forget this precious holiday memory.

Thinking selfie


Wanting to look cool for this photo, someone decided to sit up on the fence and pose with their legs dangling. Shame their sense of balance wasn’t quite what it used to be, leading to them falling backwards head over heels into the exhibit! Their friends look pretty concerned, but not enough to jump the fence and help them right themselves! This photo makes a great prop to tell the hilarious story, but is not quite the memory they were hoping for.

man falling over fence selfie

Horror Mickey

Not all kids love Mickey Mouse, in fact, some are scared of him! We don’t blame them, after all, he is a gigantic mouse who doesn’t talk! Disneyland can become a nightmare for kids who don’t enjoy the magic, and this photo shows one little boy who certainly does not want to be meeting the famous man himself. We think Mickey ought to just head back to the magic kingdom, but to his credit, he’s doing his best to encourage the little man!

Horror Mickey kid frightened at disneyland

A Closely Woven Family

Oh dear. The denim outfits, the cheesy pose, the weird looks on their faces. This photo is straight off Pinterest as a great idea for a family photo, but we’re not sure they can pull it off! While the view is gorgeous, they probably would have been better off just sitting on the grass posing normally. All piling on top of one another in matching outfits makes them look closer than they ought to be! We sense some family therapy in their future.

Denim family photo vacation pic