What are the most popular exercises?

The most popular physical exercises are those that work intensely on body muscles, accelerate metabolism, stimulate the elimination of toxins from the body and help to achieve an optimal physical form.

Interval training

Top of the list of most effective exercises is interval training. The basic idea is to vary the intensity of the exercise during training, instead of keeping a steady pace. Regardless of the type of effort you make (band running, dancing, jumping or jogging), accelerate the rhythm at a time and keep it for a few minutes, then return to the original pace and continue for 10 minutes. The duration of each interval varies depending on the length of each exercise and the recovery time required for each.


They require multiple groups of muscles simultaneously (quadriceps, thigh muscles, and muscles of the buttocks). It is necessary to keep your legs apart, and the back straight. Bend your knees and let your back down as if you want to sit on an imaginary chair. The knees must always be parallel to the ankles. Stand up and go down to the floor level, but without touching it this time. This is the level at which you have to bend your knees every time to make the proper squad.


Just like squats, lunges work intensely on all the big muscles in the lower body. Take a big step forward, keeping your back perfectly straight. Bend the front knee to 90 degrees and keep the back leg perfectly flat. Flex the knee of the back leg so that the tibia is parallel to the floor (the knee should not touch the ground). Repeat the movement with both legs, then laterally.

Push ups

They work intensely on the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps and trunk muscles. With your floor-facing face, support your flexed arms with your palms at a slightly greater distance than your shoulder. Another point of support is the big toes. If you fail to keep this position in the first attempt, you can also support your floor knees. The body position has to be in the right line, from shoulders to knees and soles. To increase exercise efficiency, contract your buttocks and abdominal muscles. Bend your elbows and let down until you get very close to the ground, then get up in the initial position, using your arm force.


Start by lying down on your back with your hands on the back of your neck. Contract your abdominal muscles and, in a single movement, lift your head, neck, shoulders and upper back, keeping your chin inward. Return to the original position and repeat the motion. You can also perform abdomen with knees bent and feet raised parallel to the floor. In making your abdomen, make sure you keep your neck perfectly aligned with your spine, and breathe normally.

Benefits of these popular exercises

These are among the most popular exercises if you want to tone your muscles and enjoy a healthy and aesthetic body.