Outdoor Decor Trends

Is your outdoor area looking a little bland? If you think it needs a little sprucing up follow a few of these outdoor décor trends to have it looking new, with a fresh look in no time.

Indoor-outdoor designs:
Outdoor living areas are no longer used for the BBQ and the occasional drinking session with friends. The outdoor patio has now become an extension of your home to be used as anything like a sitting area, study area, play area for the kids the possibilities are endless.
Install a permanent solution for the roofing to allow the patio to flow seamlessly into the house. Make sure your roofing protects from the elements.

Get a different style of furniture for your outdoor area. Go for something completely off grid instead of the normal glass and steel settings.
Just make sure it is weatherproof and fade resistant. You can create a formal area, a social entertaining area whatever your please. Let your furniture and coverings set the mood.
Bring indoor décor outside. If you have artwork inside bring some outside, add some decorative lamps and even throw in a fireplace for the extra comfort. This will give the impression they flow together instead of being two different areas.
Using recycled or upcycled products is becoming more popular and it helps to save the waste consumption. The growing of nature plants works well with patios, there is no need for a lot of maintenance and watering and they look effective.

Create a cooking experience outside in your own patio by adding the works like the fridge, sinks, cooktops, cabinet spaces and overhead lighting. Add some elements like drink stations, pizza ovens and even pool side bar.
You don’t have to break the bank most can be done with recycled wood and a beautiful coat of paint.
The bohemian style is a huge trend in 2018. When going for this style we are looking for uniqueness and spontaneity. It is important that you find pieces that work well together avoid over crowding and colors that clash together.

For the furniture:
Go for materials that are rustic like wicker, wood, rattan and bamboo types materials. And when you talking floors and benches etc go for something solid line stone which works well with all styles like modern, vintage, rustic. Be sure to check the items are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Water features:
Water features are quite the popular item to add to outdoor areas and patios. With solar energy now they are more accessible to home owners without the added cost of the power. You can add a simple water features or even add a pond or some sort of waterfall with rocks and plants. This will add style and become a talking piece when people visit. Water features come in all budgets to the simple and cheap fountains to the expensive and elaborate ones with plenty of features. Water features are refreshing and relaxing to just sit by and watch the sun go down or perhaps read a book or meditate.

Hyper localism:
This is something more people in local communities are getting involved in. This is a popular trend for 2018 which has you buying all your outdoor needs from places within your own community. This may be advertising for used good on social media or visiting your local nursery for plants. When you implement hyper localism, it helps support your local community instead of buying online overseas. By advertising on social media, you may be able to pick up something that nobody wants anymore for a small fee or even take some cuttings from plants to grow your own.